Skyhawk Card

The Skyhawk Card is the official identification card of Point University — required for access to essential campus services and Skyhawk Bucks!

Not only is your Skyhawk Card used for access, it is also your meal plan card, and you can use it at participating locations with Skyhawk Bucks.

Skyhawk Bucks come with the 5 and 10 meal plans. If you have a 10 meal plan, you get $50 in Skyhawk Bucks to use at participating locations. If you have a 5 meal plan, you get $100. If you don't have a meal plan, you can still add Skyhawk Bucks to your card anytime, and use them for discounts in local restaurants and participating locations.

To check your Skyhawk Bucks balance go to

To create an account and add Skyhawk Bucks to your card, go to

Once you create your account, you can also give a parent, or someone else access to add dollars to your account.