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ThePirateBay is easily accessible through proxies and mirrors. All you need to know is the working and correct URLs below.

These ThePirateBay proxies / mirrors are hosted in countries where ThePirateBay torrenting is not yet blocked. Pirate Bay mirror sites are widely used to unblock piratebay with proxy IP address and unblock ISP restriction. The TPB proxy list is updated daily with a new proxy IP address and is 100% anonymous from using Pirate Proxy Bay with a secure scanned piratebayunblocked proxy server.

About ThePirateBay

1. What is Pirate Bay?

Pirate Bay (also known as TPB) is a torrent platform where users can download illegal and legal content. Since then, the website has gone offline in several countries due to copyright infringement. However, several variants can still be found online and the torrent site is still widely used. As long as you don't download illegal files, using Pirate Bay is not punishable.

2. What exactly is blocked in NL?

Several European countries now require providers to block Pirate Bay. This as a measure against copyright infringement. Initially, access was only denied in the Netherlands via providers Ziggo and XS4all, but since 2018 this has also been the case for all other providers in the Netherlands: KPN, Tele2, CAIWAY, T-Mobile and ZeelandNet . But you guessed it, there are multiple ways to unlock and bypass this lock. It is the measurement limitations and smart ways of existing technologies that make it possible to reach the website. Blocks are often enforced at the DNS level and therefore can be accessed by an external DNS server or proxy. Later in this article we explain how proxies work and which ones are better to use from the Netherlands.

3. What is a Proxy and what can be done with it?

If we look at the meaning of the word "Proxy", it actually says everything it does. Proxy means "Power of Attorney". A proxy server is an intermediary between the client's computer and the computer where the data can be found. There are several reasons to use a proxy, including three different types: Web proxy, Open proxy, and Reverse proxy. To avoid blocking The Pirate Bay, you must use an open proxy.

Open proxies - how does it work?

Through an open proxy, you as a client can use several random IP addresses. By working from any IP, you can easily avoid the blocking imposed by your provider. However, it is recommended to use a VPN (virtual private network) connection in addition to a proxy.

4. What can be done with a PirateProxy?

PirateProxies is exactly the same as a "normal" proxy. However, the word "PirateProxy" has become a household name because proxies are often used to avoid blocking Pirate Bay.

The proxy list changes regularly, the list below consists of the top 3 proxies to bypass the 2021 Pirate Bay block. Just as a reminder, besides a Proxy, you should definitely use a VPN to avoid risks.

  • https://thepiratebay.unblockninja.com

  • https://thepiratebay.torrentbay.to

If you know of an even better proxy or are missing one, don't hesitate to let us know! Then we can add it to our list.

5. Why you ALWAYS need a VPN for secure downloads from Pirate Bay

Pirate Bay is blocked at the ISP level and therefore you can only access the platform from a region that has not blocked Pirate Bay. Through a VPN, you can easily use another random server in the country of your choice. The IP of VPN addresses can always be related to a country or region, so you can bypass blocking. He also calls it VPN tunneling.

The risk is very high with peer-to-peer connections. It gives other users access to your connection and thus exposes all your devices to everyone on the same network. That could make you vulnerable to DDoS attacks, malware installations, and hackers in general. Protect yourself against this by using a VPN. VPN providers do not use an activity log or other stored user data. Most of today's VPN connections even have a so-called "circuit breaker." This is a military-grade security application and ensures that if the connection to the VPN server is lost, all data flows are stopped. Tip: If you are an active Pirate Bay user and therefore a fanatic downloader, use a VPN with a fast connection to avoid having to wait a long time for your downloads.

Best ThePirateBay Alternatives

Besides ThePirateBay, there are several reliable torrent websites, which can be widely used to download TV series and websites. In no specific order, there are some of the best ThePirateBay alternatives and similar sites available that are worth checking out.

We've already described this several times above, but to warn you again: we strongly advise against using torrent sites without the intervention of a VPN. It is not protected against hackers. A VPN costs money, but it is a few euros a month. The security of your privacy (via webcams or similar) or documents seems to be worth more than this amount per month. If you're still in doubt, here are some alternatives for using a VPN.

1. Proxy server and Pirate Bay You can connect to The Pirate Bay website through a proxy server, you will see that it works fine. What you don't see is that the connection from the server is (often) not anonymous. There is also the risk, mainly it is not a safe alternative to a VPN.

2. Tor & Pirate Bay It will also work fine from the Tor network to access the website and activate downloads. Still, there are some risks and drawbacks to using Tor. The Tor network uses peer-to-peer connections and therefore if there are some "heavy" users on the network, this negatively affects the speed and stability of the entire network, the network will fill up. Regardless of the fact that a Tor connection is slower compared to a VPN anyway. Speed ​​issues are, of course, "fancy issues" and certainly not bad if you have time to download. But Tor also faces a number of security risks. It is often very easy to find out the IP address of someone on the Tor network as soon as someone is downloading (so the slower the download, the greater the risk). You can disable this in the proxy settings, but some applications don't seem to implement these settings in practice and the IP address can still leak.

3. Pirate Proxy or Mirrors and Pirate Bay Mirror sites called Pirate Proxies are also widely used. The Pirate Proxy sites are actually copy sites of the official Pirate Bay. So it is "easy to use" for everyone, however there are risks of you using the wrong torrents and this also highlights the security risk. In addition, of course, it is still important that you do not download copyrighted documents, if you do so through a mirror, you run a great risk: that is punishable and without a VPN what you download as a user can be tracked.

How to download torrents from ThePirateBay

Follow the steps below to download movies securely using ThePirateBay.

Step 1: Activate the VPN or TOR on your computer.

Step 2: Click on one of the ThePirateBay proxy / mirror sites above.

Step 3: This will take you to the home page. You can see list of the latest torrents with category.

Step 4: Choose category. Check for seeds, leeches, and health before downloading a torrent file.

Step 5: Now open the torrent file or Magnet link with a torrent client like µTorrent and wait for the download.

How does a proxy site work?

Proxy sites act as an intermediary server between your network and the site you are trying to access (ThePirateBay torrents in this case). The proxy site allows you to access a website indirectly so that the website cannot see your IP address. It will also appear that you are only connecting to the proxy, not the final website.

Proxy sites can prevent the destination website from tracking you with your IP address.

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