The Resources

An asset that the Pipestem Corridor has access to is people. Southern West Virginia is near the median population center of the Eastern United States. The following maps show the enormous number of people that live a relatively short distance from Southern West Virginia.

The map shows a five (5) hour driving distance to Pipestem, WV, within this region, approximately 13.5 million people live in this radius.

Another asset that the Pipestem corridor has access to is a passenger train route. Hinton, WV is lucky to have a stop along the Amtrak Cardinal route. Fifty (50) Million people live along the route from Chicago, IL to New York City, NY. Literally, 50 million people can get on an Amtrak train in the evening, sleep through the night and arrive at a hotel in the Pipestem Corridor by check-in the next day.

Population of Amtrak Travel to Hinton, WV

So realistically, the Pipestem area has access to nearly 65 million people that can arrive from their home within a one night's train ride or 5-6 hours vehicle drive. This doesn't include any air-traffic if the area where to grow and invest in a larger, more competitive airport.