The Plan

So exactly how would the plan work?

Essentially the plan is to copy the Sevierville, Pigeon Forge, Gatlinburg Tennessee tourism model and develop Rt. 20 from I-77 to Hinton, WV with tourist attractions.

Amazingly, the two corridors are nearly identical in distance. Even the overall shape of the routes are similar. The graphic below, shows a comparison between the "Pigeon Forge Corridor and the "Pipestem Corridor."

Pipestem Corridor

Distance from I-77 to Hinton, WV is approximately 26 miles.

Pigeon Forge Corridor

Distance from I-40 to Gatlinburg, TN is approximately 21 miles

Two maps overlaid

Animation of Pipestem Transforming into a Tourist Hub

The following animations shows a possible transformation of the "Pipestem Corridor." The "Pigeon Forge Corridor" is merged to scale onto the "Pipestem Corridor." As can be seen, if this were to occur there is probably 20-30 years of development that could take place and stimulate the economy of the region.