New Releases

Hello, thanks for visiting my website. Here we'll be displaying the highest rated pipes & bongs created from the top glass artists around the globe. When we gaze into a hand crafted pipe, we can all appreciate the talent and hard work involved in the creation of the art. Some of the pieces you'll be seeing are sold for multiple thousands of dollars, and yes people do buy them!

We often browse around smoke shops wherever we're at because these are the places the coolest and most artistic smoking pipes are stored for the most part. Sometimes, they're kept private inside of people's houses and we aren't able to get close to them. What is your favorite thing about a smoking pipe, besides smoking out of it? Is it the color of the glass, the way the bubbles are created in the chamber? We're interested in your opinion and we look forward to you sharing your favorite pipes and you may be featured. Just DM @dreyqor on Instagram for a chance to be featured on their page!

Often social status in certain communities comes from simply carrying around an expensive pipe to social gatherings and smoking on it with your friends. Some people value the opportunity to be in the presence of someone wealthy enough to be spending their hand earned money on a piece of glass! Pogo Glass is an artist who makes dab rigs shaped like guns. His pieces are hardly sold, but are priced around $10,000. Would you trust yourself with a pipe this expensive? What if you drop it? Oops!