About the PiP

The Partners in Prevention institute reflects a commitment to consistently utilize evidence-based strategies—on our campuses and throughout our broader communities—to reduce high-risk drinking behavior, drug use, and incidents of violence across Tennessee. This conference is for prevention specialists in any field, who are interested in advancing prevention efforts in their communities.

PiP conference organizers

About the Coalition for Healthy and Safe Campus Communities (CHASCo)

CHASCo’s Mission is to connect and support institutions of higher education in Tennessee to address campus health and safety issues. We do this by providing: professional development & networking opportunities, assessment tools, resources and funding for evidence -based programming, & research on prevention best-practices. Check out our website at www.tnchasco.org for more information.

About the Tennessee Certification Board (TCB)

Founded in 2010, TCB strives to advance the field of prevention and behavioral health as a viable and effective professional discipline to benefit Tennessee’s communities. TCB works to establish, promote, certify and maintain internationally-recognized professional credentials that uphold standards of excellence across various professional fields, including, but not limited to: behavioral health, mental health, substance abuse treatment, recovery and prevention. Visit www.tncertification.org for more information.