Below are a few of my favourite piping (& other) links.

Celtic Piping Club - Australia's hub of Celtic piping activities

Online bagpipe media, forums & news

Australian Pipe Bands Community Website - forums, etc.

Bagpipe News - from (irregular updates)

Bob Dunsire Piping Forums - one of, if not the, largest on-line piping forums

CoP Radio - from the College of Piping (new shows every month)

The Pipe Band Forum

Pipeline - BBC Radio Scotland piping programme (new shows every Saturday)

Pipes|Drums - the world's only independent publication for pipes and drummers

Piping World - piping ezine from Duntroon Publishing

PlanetPipe (new shows biweekly)

Uillean Pipe Forum

Wedding Links

Deb Stallard - Geelong-based celebrant "LIFE is a Celebration"

Stephen Hishon - celebrant serving Lorne, Surf Coast, Geelong, Bellarine Peninsula, Western Victoria and beyond


Andrew Lenz's Bagpipe Journey - Bagpiping tips, advice, help and reference - Worldwide directory of professional bagpipe players - Find a bagpiper near you

The Bagpipe Society (UK)

Bagpipe Web Directory - Your guide to bagpiping on the web by the late Bob Dunsire

The Boite - World Music Cafe, Collingwood

Folk Alliance Australia

Foot Stompin' Celtic Music - your one stop shop for everything Scottish

Geelong Arts Directory - find me here!

The Pipers' Gathering - North America's most comprehensive alternative bagpipe event

Universe of Bagpipes - by Oliver Seeler


An Encyclopaedia of Tunes for the Great Highland Bagpipe - by Bob Pekaar

Blank Sheet Music - print customised blank manuscript paper (free)

McDonnell's Traditional Irish Music Slow Session at Clifton Hill Hotel, Melbourne

Ross's Music Page - HEAPS of great old pipe (& other) music books and recordings compiled by Ross Anderson & Roderick Cannon

Virtual Session - BBC Radio 2

Highland & Bagpipe Suppliers

All Things Tartan/St.Kilda Retail (Australia) - A great supplier of Highlandwear & piping supplies

Cowal Bagpipes - pipe maker & supplier

Lyons Highland Supplies - bagpipe & highland suppliers

Great Highland Bagpipe (GHB) & Pipe Bands

College of Piping (Glasgow)

McLaren Synthetic Reeds

National Piping Centre (Glasgow)

Pipe Bands Australia

Pipe Bands Victoria - formerly Victorian Highland Pipe Bands Association

Pipe Music from Canada's East Coast (Cape Breton) - by Barry shears

Scottish Piping Society of London

The Piobaireachd Society (UK)

Victorian Pipers Association

Victorian Youth Pipes & Drums

Warrnambool & District Pipes & Drums - they hold great piping & drumming workshops

Northumbrian small pipe (NSP)

Colin Ross - NSP & SSP maker and legend

David Burleigh - world-renown NSP maker (UK)

Northumbrian Piper's Society (UK)

Northumbrian Smallpipes Book & Services - by John Leistman

Northumbrian Smallpipes Encyclopedia

Northumbrian Smallpipes Simulator

Richard Butler - Northumbrian Small pipes (UK)

Scottish small pipes (SSP) & Border pipes (BP)

Beckpipes - hi-tech aluminium SSP made by Robin Beck (Dunoon, Scotland)

Dragonfly Music - great SSP & BP books, CD, etc. by Matt Seattle (UK)

Fred Morrison - reel pipes & small pipes

Garvie Bagpipes - made by Nigel Richard (UK)

Hopepipes - SSP made by Simon Hope

Iona Bagpipes - SSP made by Bill Hart

Lowland & Border Pipers' Society (UK) - a great group of piping enthusiasts

McLaren Synthetic Reeds (Aust) - also makes fine SSP & BP

Nate Banton - maker of SSP & BP

Ray Sloan - maker of SSP & UP

Smallpiper - the blogspot of Vicki Swan where you can find tunes, tips, etc. (UK)

Tutor for Scottish Smallpipes - by Vicki Swan (UK)

Uilleann (& other Irish) pipes (UP)

Bill Haneman - maker of Uillean & Union Pipes (Ire.)

Internet Archive - old recordings of famous UPers

Irish Warpipe - a website devoted to the two-drone Irish Warpipe

Irish Warpipes - information and events

Na Piobairi Uilleann - The Irish Pipers' Society (Ire.)

Reed Making Links

Uilleann Pipe Reedmaking Guide

Uilleann Pipe Reedmaking Links


The Complete Guide to MIDI Bagpipes

Cornemuse Jolipipe - maker of various European pipes (De.)

Dale Bagpipes - maker of Bulgarian & Macedonia gaidas and other pipes (Aust)

History of the Zampogna (It.)

PipeShow - dedicated to the manufacture & practice of bagpipes

Swedish Bagpipes

Welsh Bagpipes and the Welsh Pibgorn

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