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Do not Forget These Two As The Main Needs Of The Senior

A person of old age needs a more comfortable place to stay. They have a variety of needs that must be met, ranging from the residence, food and so forth. To find a good place to live for them, then you can visit there are many things you can find there and you can use to meet the needs of your parents who are already entering old age.

Sometimes, you forget to sit side by side with them to listen to them telling you about how much they feel. There are a few things about their needs and activities that you sometimes forget to fulfill. Some of the things you sometimes forget to fulfill are

1. Emotional needs

Basically, the emotional needs of humans do not change with age.

The need for compassion, feeling useful by staying independent and free and feeling assured of adequate food and shelter.

When there is a gap between needs and the possibility of fulfillment, there will be a conflict for the elderly. If conflicts are left alone, they will feel unhappy. The impact of this feeling of disagreement is not only for the elderly themselves but also for the families and communities that are followed. This is due to the loss of their own potential as a result of their unhappiness.

In fact, an elderly person still feels productive. However, sometimes families forget this and think otherwise. Families sometimes forbid elderly to travel (just to market) or help neighbors. The notion that the elderly are vulnerable and can not do anything will hurt their feelings.

2, The importance of open space for them

There is a study that reveals that the elderly view social and physical activities, facilities and services of the living community, as well as the social networks they own, as well as a clean and pleasant environment as their most important need.

This encourages the concepts and open space designers to renew the city to meet the criteria mentioned above in its development. If fulfilled, it will improve social welfare and liveliness of the elderly.

When the elderly are aging actively, it will optimize participation in community life, health, and a better sense of security, in order to improve the quality of life as an elderly. WHO states, active aging is influenced by several things, such as health and social services, physical environment and behavior, personal, and economic.

The idea of ??creating an open space will support the outer activity for the elderly. Sugiyama and Thompson stated that the outer environment has some advantages for the elderly, some of which are physiological maintenance and improved physical health function.

In the end, we must not forget the elderly people who live side by side with us. The act of accompanying and loving them is not an easy matter. Sometimes, the family itself cannot do it all perfectly. This raises another idea in order to maintain their welfare. The idea is to create an open space and activities that can make the elderly happy.

Two things are often ignored because it assumes that parents can be happy only with the various needs that you provide. in fact, they will be happy if their psychic needs also you can meet well because that is the main key to their mental health.

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