Sign up for Pinecone Research and Earn $3 Per Survey

pinecone research sign up

Sign up for Pinecone Research and Earn $3 Per Survey

Pinecone Research Sign Up Link and Review

What is Pinecone Research?

PineCone Research is a market research company that offers its members the opportunity to participate in paid surveys and in-home product testing.

While it is completely free to become a member of PineCone Research, they generally do not actively recruit new members. In spite of this, you still can become a member of PineCone Research by following the steps outlined below.

Pinecone research doesn't allow people to join their panel directly. You can try to join Pinecone research using below sign up link (was working at the time of posting this article) and see if you qualify:

Click here to see if you qualify to sign up for pinecone research panel

Pinecone Research Review

In this review, I will not attempt to sell you anything, nor will I attempt to convince you to click through an affiliate link to join any other services. It is my intention to provide you with a unbiased review of Pinecone Research panel.

Members of PineCone Research have two main ways of earning money:

  1. Paid surveys

  2. Product trials.

Pinecone Research Surveys

Because PineCone generally offers its members more opportunities to complete paid surveys than they do product-trials, this is the method by which members earn most of their compensation. The paid surveys offered to members can range from general questions concerning the products that they already use, such as dish washing detergent, to products that have not yet been released. Members typically receive three to four survey per month. For each completed survey, Pinecone research pays its members $3.

Product trials

While not as common as paid survey offers, members do occasionally receive products to use in their homes. The products that are most commonly sent out to members include beverages, food, and house hold cleaners, although, the product-trials are not limited to products included in this list. Although compensation for product-trials may vary, members typically receive $5 for each trial they participate in. In addition to the monetary compensation, members also are generally allowed to keep the products that they test.

Pinecone Research Payment Methods

PineCone Research offers its members multiple methods of payment. Some of these are:

  • Cash paid via bank transfer

  • Amazon gift cards

  • Walmart gift cards

  • iTunes gift cards

  • Starbucks gift cards

  • Movie vouchers.

After completing a product-trial or survey, payments are processed the next business day. Members who choose to receive their payment via bank can expect a short delay because of processing time, whereas members who choose gift certificates will receive their payment immediately.

Some things to keep in mind

If you decide to become a member of PineCone research their are a few things that you should keep in mind.

They do remove members

PineCone Research does have several rules that they require all members to follow, and if the rules are broken, they will remove the member or members in question. Below is a outline of PineCone Research's list of "No-No's."

Violation of Confidentiality and/or membership agreement

Because many of the product surveys and product trials concern multi million dollar products that have not yet been released, PineCone does not allow their members to discuss any information concerning the products in question under any circumstance. Breaking this rule will result in immediate termination from the survey panel.

Multiple persons from the same household

PineCone only allows one person from each household to register as a member. If multiple people from the same household attempt to register under different accounts PineCone will terminate their membership.

How to join Pinecone Research?

Unlike any of their competitors, PineCone Research does not actively recruit new members, but there still is hope if you wish to become a member.

The easiest way to join PineCone Research is to track down one of their sign-up links that lurk around the Internet on various blogs and forums. For your convenience I have included a sign-up link below, although, it will only be active for a short time.

Join Pinecone research survey panel and earn $3 per completed survey. Click here to join it today!

Pinecone pays cash directly to your bank accounts. It also has gift cards option if you prefer gift card rewards.

It is free to sign up for pinecone research panel. You will get around 3-4 surveys each month and each survey will pay you $3.

The best thing about pinecone research panel is that once you receive a survey, you will not disqualify. So if you are lucky to join pinecone research panel you can earn up to $150 per year.

Click here to sign up for pinecone research panel for free.