About the Band

Pineapple Hill is a "roots rock steady" band from Detroit, Michigan. Formed from family and friends in 2015, Pineapple Hill has been active in the Detroit area since, playing shows and recording music. As the band was developing, Zahary L. Krivs, former fiddle player, betrayed the band to go work in Washington, D.C. Soon after, the band released their first record, "SKAMERICANA!", on October 13th, 2017. Following the record, some personnel adjustments were made and Chafee 2 Dope and Rae Van joined the band.

With a new and improved personnel, the band began recording for their second album, "That's Vegas, Baby!" Their engineer and his studio were forced out of their space from the forces of gentrification, but not before recording 4 master tracks. The band released "He's a 'Good Guy'" and "My Kind of Scum (Revisited)" in March of 2019, and "When the Silverspoon Drops" and "Hotel Yorba" in February 2020.

Meet the Band

Chafee 2 Dope joined Pineapple Hill in the beginning of 2018. They have been playing sax since middle school, and was once famous for their parody of the Sexy Sax Man. After a brief stint in politics, 2 Dope returned to music, eventually joining Pineapple Hill. You could say they countered Krivs' abandoning of music for politics. Additionally, Chafee fronts a Gilman Street worship band called "Low Lives in High Places"

Chip Jengel is a founding member of Pineapple Hill, mistakenly called the band leader. He has been playing guitar since grade 7, having been involved with various jazz, punk, and rock projects along the road. Chip is the primary lyricist for the band. Chip is also the keyboard player for Chafee 2 Dope's band, "Low Lives in High Places."

The Dootz joined Pineapple Hill in the summer of 2019. He was the DJ for Molly and Jake/Melvin's wedding, and was interested in jamming with us on the trumpet. After assisting with a gig in which Chip Jengel pulled an Axl Rose, he was not scared off and joined the band.

Frank the Tank is a founding member of Pineapple Hill. He has been friends with Chip and Jake/Melvin since kindergarten. Frank is not only an expert on the bass guitar and has a beautiful voice that he is often too shy to flex, but he is the band's expert on all things video (and most things sound). He, too, is in "Low Lives".

Jake/Melvin is a founding member of Pineapple Hill. He formally began playing keys when the band formed, but his musical beginnings date back to grade school, where he first tried guitar. Jake is who you see when you hear piano. Melvin is who you see when you hear organs. Don't ask any questions about this, please. Jake and Chip are brothers, and he is married to Molly.

Molly is a founding member of Pineapple Hill. Molly is one of the best drummers in the scene, and her tonal ear is a guiding force of the band. Molly was the drummer in Ziptacular many moons ago. She occasionally teases a reunion, but it has yet to happen. She wanted me to apologize to Yoshi in this description.

Rae Van joined Pineapple Hill in the beginning of 2018. She is the clout leader of the band, who is also a member of "Zip It" and a resident of Gay House. Rae and Chip have a country duo called "Graveyard Flats" that is in its early stages. The direction of the band became fully in sync with Rae when she exposed the other members of the band to the "Josie and the Pussycats" live action film.