Economics of Entrepreneurship

De 10 a 13 de Setembro de 2018 no CCSA-UFPE

Rafael Ribas (PhD em Economia pela University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign e professor da Amsterdam Business School)

Organizador: Paulo Henrique Vaz (

Descrição: Entrepreneurship is a complex phenomenon that is in the heart of economic growth. With a growing amount of available data at firm/individual level and the dissemination of Randomized Control Trials (RCTs) in Economics and other Social Sciences, scholars have been devoting increasing attention to this topic in recent years. This course explores the emerging work in this area. In particular, students will review the most recent empirical studies on the formation and growth of new firms and innovation. The course will also provide the theoretical tools to understand the puzzles and the hypotheses being tested in each study.

    • Lecture 1: Occupational Choice, Risk, and Financial Constraints (10/09 - 14h as 16h)
    • Lecture 2: Valuation of Private Ventures (11/09 - 14h as 16h)
    • Lecture 3: Banks, Microcredit and Deal Structure (12/09 - 14h as 16h)
    • Lecture 4: Management, Productivity and R&D (13/09 - 14h as 16h)


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