Afterschool Curriculum

Program Information

At Positive Impact Institute we focus on delivering the highest quality enrichment experience where community minded citizens are born through innovation, creativity and passion.

1. Behavioral Changes -Positive Impact Institute citizens are transformed through daily affirmations and treatment plans focused on behavior modifications. Constant communication between service providers, families and Positive Impact Institute staff ensures that the students receive a holistic approach.

2. Hip Hop Education and Reality Pedagogy-Hip hop is a global cultural communication style including the pillars of music, art and dance. We use these methods in teaching and learning that utilize the complex culture that youth are engaged in to teach content in a way that draws from hip-hop, and is as rigorous as it is engaging. Today, youth and hip hop are tied up together around the world as an avenue for social change that can build power, ability and inspiration.

3. Education- Summer and Winter Break Learning loss is the loss of academic skills and knowledge over the course of summer,breaks and holidays. A common finding across numerous studies is that on average, students score lower on standardized tests at the end of the summer than they do at the beginning of summer. Positive Impact Institute is committed to focus lessons around academic achievement and reducing summer learning loss.

4. Career/Entrepreneurship-Positive Impact Institute is committed to creating space for youth to explore various career paths and avenues for entrepreneurship. Weekly special guest expose P.I.I. citizens to diverse career options and the pathways to reach their goals.

5. Self Esteem -A positive sense of self is one of the greatest gifts you can give your child. Children with high self-esteem feel loved and competent and develop into happy, productive people. To help build your child's positive self-image as they grow, P.I.I. uses positive approach programming.