Statement of Philosophy

Positive Impact Institute is a comprehensive, specialized program, designed to meet the individual needs of youth within the City of Greensboro, Charlotte and surrounding communities . Our program is based on the theories of child development and accepted best practices for therapeutic programming. The emphasis is on guiding youth through the normal stages of development, while taking into account the specific special needs of each child and family.

As a quality youth serving program, we focus on providing interactive and innovative programs that engage every part of the child. Focusing on developing academic, behavioral, cognitive, motor and affective skills, while addressing the special needs of children and families

Positive Impact Institute is based on an interdisciplinary approach to meeting the child’s educational, behavioral, and social needs. An interdisciplinary model provides assessment by individual professionals, who then with the parents, design intervention strategies and develop an individual education program. The basic premise of our program is that young children learn best through a variety of experiential activities that foster self-discovery, creativity and problem-solving. In addition, we seek to instill a genuine appreciation for others and their unique qualities, thereby encouraging youth to value differences and view them as strengths.

Our team acknowledges a primary responsibility to develop a partnership between each family and our program in a way that supports and enhances each child’s development. With parents, families, clinicians and teachers working together as a team, we strive to give each child the best gift possible – a positive sense of self, which encourages growth to his or her full potential.