Positive Impact Institute

Weekend Care Pack Program

The Weekend Care Pack Program meets the nutritional needs of children at risk of hunger during weekends. Through the program, kids are given special backpacks filled with nutritious foods. Common foods in a Weekend Power Pack include: proteins (tuna, beef stew, or peanut butter), fruits (canned or fresh), breakfast items (cereal or bars), snacks, and beverages (fruit juice and/or milk).

The backpacks are assembled onsite by volunteers and distributed to the families we serve each week. Normally, the packs are distributed on Thursday or Friday, with kids returning them on Wednesday of the following week.

The P.I.I. Weekend Care Pack Program was initiated in June of 2017 providing packs for 50 families from one site. Our goal is to offer care packs to 200 families to cover the needs of both of our locations. Teachers and schools have reported improvements in test scores, positive behavioral gains, decrease in number of unexcused absences and an increased recognition of potential career paths.