Death has been and it is felt as a burden to humans not knowing how to cope with it. For many it means the end of life, and for those who have faith in the continuity of life it means the unknown. In a way or another, it produces anxiety. What trouble many is not just the unknown, but that death demands change. Sometimes-painful change. The enemy then is not death but forced change. Colonized by the idea that death is an enemy to defeat, we believe that the attitude is to fight a war; a great war. This is the reason we fight—in one way or another—with death silently and secretly in our consciousness during most of our existence. Understanding that death is a process to discern, manage and use for our own spiritual advancement, it is of paramount importance. If we can understand this, then, we will be able to pass through death as we pass with a car through a tunnel and arrive to a new country with a new landscape. As it is difficult and frightening to pass through a tunnel without light, but confidently and easy with light, in the same way we can pass through death confidently with spiritual light. A light we cannot buy, but each one has to develop and have well charged in the battery of the individual consciousness. Death is not the problem; the real problem for each individual is how to navigate through it: with fear and sadness or understanding and peace, even better with joy and happiness. ...Copyright 2011 Pietro Grieco


Pietro Grieco © 2006

Sweet born the tremolo from a wooden guitar Flying with the birds

among faithful tall pines a Saturday morning filtered rays of light marauded over sleepy eyes.

Frank and his girls danced around smiling cappuccinos

and fragrance of warm scones

Even with other daily delights

Didn’t break the moment When suppressed were our hearts

By melodies sweet so sweet

We could let silence


On the amethyst air of a joyful Idyllwild.



Meditation gardens under the rain

Pietro Grieco © 2005

Visit every spot

Smell every plant

Enjoy every flower

Play with gentle carps

Saluting from the pond

Speak to the saintly fish

With no shame since only

The song of the rain smiles

On the leaves and the petals

And the child playing in you.

What a present moment!

A pelican formation inclined

On their left wings over the crest

Of the grayish waves turning green

Reaching the top of their height before

Collapsing into a long white smile

... You make yours.

Contemplate from the cliff

a lone surfer on his board

the one who couldn’t resist

The call from the vast blue

And the severe cry of life.

Close your eyes


Let the ocean’s breath

Surpass your veins and bones

And sweetly go to caress

Palms, hills, homes and

The people inside

Depart the gardens and bow

To Yogananda’s Shrine gone with time

Leaving love under the care of the rain

Words are unneeded and the eternal

Child and you were one again

You leave so calm.



Pietro Grieco © 2005

It is a blessing

To turn back and see the steps that brought you here.

It is a blessing

To remember your parents looking into each other’s eyes.

It is a blessing

To survive the loss of a loved one

And still be able to smile.

It is a blessing

To have friends who never fail and never lie.

It is a blessing

When walls encompass as a prison

And you can laugh and laughing is your freedom.

It is a blessing

To have nothing, to have faith, to have joy.


Pietro Grieco © 2005

Older Writings were written in a moment of golden stage of inspiration