From nothing to being there is no cognitive bridge to understand it.


LI FU at the Barcelona Book Fair 04/23/2018


Li-Fu is a Poem located at the end of the Tang Dynasty. China. Li-Fu is the story of a peasant poet who could not gain power ... This literary creation is full of metaphors and an indescribable beauty

About the Writer, the Poet and the Thinker

Pietro Grieco holds the title of Doctor of Divinity, a Master of Arts in Literature and Writing in English, and a Bachelor of Science degree in Administration. He was a professor at the University of Buenos Aires and the University of Belgrano, (Argentina)among other institutions of higher education, the last years he has been a professor at California State University San Marcos, USA. He developed a varied business career that began at seven years of age.

When Pietro Grieco felt his calling was in spirituality, literature or humanitarian help, he followed it, but in all cases to add something positive to the world.

Pietro was born in Italy, lived, studied and taught in Argentina, USA and Spain.

Currently resides in Italy, he delights reading, writing, walking in the mountains, meditating near a stream, visiting places where other writers were born or lived, relaxing with the tenderness of his cat Teetee, discussing at home about politics, philosophy and others topics with Bianca and having long conversations with his beloved and close friends like Roberto