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Professor of Economics, École Polytechnique.

E-mail: pierre.picard@polytechnique.edu

École Polytechnique

Department of Economics, CREST

91128 Palaiseau, France

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Recent published papers

Equilibrium in insurance markets with adverse selection when insurers pay policy dividends, Journal of Risk and Insurance, forthcoming

On the design of optimal health insurance contracts under ex post moral hazard, with P. Martinon and A. Raj, Geneva Risk and Insurance Review, 2018, 43(2), 137-185.

Preliminary investigations for better monitoring: Learning in repeated insurance audits, with R. Aboutajdine, Risks, 2018, 6 (1), 1-22.

A tribute to Edmond Malinvaud: Introduction to the special issue , Annals of Economics and Statistics, with J. Mairesse, A. Monfort and A. Trognon, 2017, 125-126, 1-7.

A Note on Health Insurance under Ex Post Moral Hazard, Risks, 2016, 4 (4), 38.

Fraudulent Claims and Nitpicky Insurers, with Jean-Marc Bourgeon, American Economic Review, 2014, 104 (9); 2900-2917.

Participating Insurance Contracts and the Rothschild-Stiglitz Equilibrium Puzzle, Geneva Risk and Insurance Review, 2014, 39; 153-175.

Optimal Risk Financing in Large Corporations through Insurance Captives, with Jean Pinquet, Geneva Risk and Insurance Review, 2013, 38; 48-86.


Corporate Finance, Ecole Polytechnique, Master Program

Catastrophic Risks and Insurance Markets, Ecole Polytechnique, Master Program

Topics in Insurance Economics, ENSAE, Engineering Cycle

General Insurance, Ecole Polytechnique

Microeconomics 2, Ecole Polytechnique, Master in Economics


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