Students Supervision

At Virginia Tech, I am helping Prof. Binoy Ravindran to supervise multiple graduate and undergraduate students working on research projects.

From 2011 to 2015, I set up, supervised and co-supervised several 5th / 4th year student projects at the Université de Bretagne Occidentale:


  • Lyes Chelfi, Integration of a NAND flash chip simulation model inside a simulator for flash based storage subsystems.


  • Mathieu Soula, CPU performance and power consumption characterization of flash storage with embedded Linux ;
  • Michèle Le Grand and Ismat Chaib Draa, Upgrade, validation and usage of a VFS tracer for embedded Linux flash storage.


  • Hamza Ouarnoughi and Yang Yang, Driver level cache implementation for flash I/O in embedded Linux ;
  • Armand Armel Hinvi and Yakouba Galledou, Flash memory simulator: initial state and flash translation layer.


  • Elisoa Ranaivomanana and Ismail Ait Hammouda, Performance measures of embedded Linux flash file systems ;
  • Mokhtar Souden and Arsène Nzaou, Flash Memory Cache Algorithms Simulation.