Taking Notes

You prepared to take notes and are ready to go.

Now is the time to actually take notes!

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Going to class has many benefits that can improve your grades.

Knowing what to write makes a huge difference in your note taking.

Having a note taking method can help improve studying in multiple ways.

Using the instructor's PowerPoint to take notes can help you on track.

Being a good listener can change the way we understand information.

Listening to parts of a lecture a second time can help you understand the retain the information better.


    • Sit where you can easily see and hear.
    • Turn off your cell phone to reduce distractions.
    • Have all of your materials (such as pens, paper, highlighters, and textbook) handy.
    • Select the note taking system that works best for the class you’re attending.

Check out our Self-Help Videos module on note taking.

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