Pictura Poesis was founded in the south of the Netherlands at the start of 2013. taking their inspiration from paintings and literature, the band succeeds in combining a broad spectrum of classical music with energetic blackened death metal. The band released their latest CD Nightmares on the 31th of October 2018 following their 3 earlier releases in 2013, 2014 and 2017.

In Death's Embrace, released May 2013, is the first demo released by the band. This release, containing three songs written in 2012, gives a good impression of the variety this band offers. The EP quickly caught the attention of the media, resulting in several bookings throughout the summer of 2013.

live at 0492Fest 2014

live at VDF 2017

In august of 2014 Pictura Poesis released their second product titled "Demonic Delusion". This 5 track release was recorded at the Tombstone studio in Nieuwstadt. Several concerts were done in promotion of this CD including support shows for Ancient Rites (BE), Rotting Christ(GR), Herfst(BE) and Madgod(CZ). The band also headlined Frostfest 2015 and earned a second place in the BMM Festival contest.

Writing for a full-length began in 2015 with eyes fixed on a 2016 release. The band did several shows supporting among others: Dood (NL), Matricidium (BR) and Slechtvalk (NL).

In 2017 the band finaly released their full length Miseriae Mundi and played several festivals including: Beukfest, VDF2 (With Belphegor and Bleeding Gods a.o.) and Brabant Metalfest. The band also supported clubshows of band such as Welicorus, RAN and many others.

2018 proved to be a great year for touring. After the release of their new record "Nightmares" de band booked many shows in the Netherlands. Besides Dutch shows the band played shows several festivals abroad in Germany, Belgium, Slovenia and Iceland.

live at Metaldays 2019

live at Groene Engel 2019

What is Pictura Poesis?

The main inspiration for the lyrical aspect of the band comes forth from paintings and literature. In this, there is no differentiation made between old and new, popular and obscure culture, though the emphasis is slightly influenced by the personal preference and knowledge of the writers. In the lyrics, a subject connected with the said painting or poem is secluded and looked at critically, before writing the text, to ensure a critical note on both the subject itself and the broader perspectives they can be placed in by the general public.

As for the musical aspect of the songs, the general mood of the chosen subject is enhanced by the combination of every member’s own musical parties contributing to the whole to create a haunting, lingering sound. The emphasis between both the musical and the lyrical aspects, as well as the close connection that is sought between the musical world created by the band and the direct world it finds itself in, gives Pictura Poesis a new and critical edge, and has proven to be a unique aspect of the band.

Thus the band hopes to encourage their listeners both to broaden their horizons, and explore those aspects of society previously unknown to them, as well as hoping to spark a critical note in the conscious of the listeners, enabling them to look at modern society from a different, questioning perspective.