Piano Instruction

Instruction Options

Individual Instruction: Youth and Adult

Private lessons in my studio are geared to each student's interests and goals. I am a highly intuitive and inspiring teacher. No matter what your current level, your playing will improve, and you will find lessons an exhilarating experience.

If you are interested to know more, please call or email and make an appointment for an appointment to come meet me and see if we are a good fit.

Please see "What to Look for in a Teacher" on the Piano Instruction page of this site.

Piano For Adults: Healing the Past

I have made a specialty of teaching piano to adults, especially those who have had lessons as children and had a less than positive experience. Did you have a harsh, strict teacher who almost killed your love of music? Were you given hours of dull exercises to do and didn't know why? Were you told what music to play whether you enjoyed it or not? Were you told you could only play "classical" music even though you wanted to play pop or jazz? Were you forced to take lessons against your will? Do you still love music and now wish you could play the piano again but with an entirely different approach?

If any of this describes you, I am happy to tell you there IS another way. My adults students are learning to play the music they like in a more creative and joyful way. I will help you on your journey back to enjoying playing the piano, which can be a healing experience.

I have made a 30-year long study of approaching every aspect of playing an instrument in a new way. If you would like to find out if this can be for you, please contact me.

Teaching the Teacher: Group Class

This class is suitable for both beginning teachers of piano and those who have experience but want to improve the quality of their teaching, the number of students in your studio, and student retention rate.

Many young children, teens, and adults today are interested in playing the piano. (Adults are the fastest growing group in my studio.) Piano is regarded by many as an essential part of one’s education. Being able to play an instrument and make music is a source of joy and satisfaction for many people.

However, piano lessons for many are not a source of joy but of frustration and drudgery, and drop-out rate is high. It doesn’t have to be this way. The old-fashioned ways of teaching frequently do not satisfy today’s learners, both children and adults. A new approach is needed.

I have spent 30 years developing and teaching a highly innovative, fun, creative and successful approach to learning to play the piano. I have a high retention rate for students, ranging from beginner to advanced, from young children to adults in their 70s. This approach includes playing by ear, learning to harmonize familiar songs, improvising, as well as reading music, and a different approach to technique, memorization, and artistic development.

If you would like to increase the number of students in your studio, you will want to learn this new approach. Small classes are now forming for piano teachers of varying levels of experience. Please contact me for information regarding content, schedule, and costs.

Piano/Keyboard/Composition/Theory: Group Class for Adults

This small group class is intended for adults (or mature teens) who have some prior experience with playing the piano and who want to improve their playing skills, including playing by ear, harmonizing songs in a variety of styles, improvising, writing and arranging their own music, and overall understanding of the structure and theory of music.

Class meets once a week for 75 minutes and runs for 10 weeks. Cost is $250. It is preferable to bring your own keyboard. For more information, go to Contact Us page and call or send email.

Please see my blog: www.key2piano.blogspot.com