Theoretical Physics for Machine Learning

Aspen Center For Physics

Winter Conference

January 13-18, 2019

The AI revolution is here! Dramatic progress in machine learning, largely spurred by deep neural networks, has blown away benchmarks and solved problems decades earlier than expected. Despite this success, there remains much to learn about the principles governing these models. This Aspen Winter Conference will bring together researchers from the theoretical physics and artificial intelligence communities to discuss the physics of machine learning, with an eye towards both improved performance and progress on new challenges. The conference will investigate whether the tools and methodology of theoretical physics, formulated to describe the physical world, can be applied to understand the models and learning algorithms used in artificial intelligence. We hope that the conference will catalyze increased interaction between the theoretical physics and artificial intelligence communities.

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Scientific Organizing Committee

Adam Brown, Stanford University *

Ethan Dyer, Stanford University & Johns Hopkins *

Paul Ginsparg, Cornell University

Guy Gur-Ari, Institute for Advanced Study *

Jaehoon Lee, Google Brain

* Current affiliation: Google LLC

Applications closed October 31, 2018

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