Madison Singh | November 14, 2017

Pomona gymnastics has proven once again we are number one. This time it was different. The team overcame obstacles they never had to before -- and went on to win the state gymnastics team title for the third year running.

“Even in the face of an unfortunate circumstance we still came out on top,” Math Teacher and Coach Danielle Kelly said.

When competing in beam, Senior Kelsey Boychuk got a migraine that resulted in her taking a medical timeout. The timeout ended up taking to long and the judges dropped her exceptionally high beam score, that would have pushed our overall score up.

Even with that blow, the team pulled together and went on for the win.

The week after state was won by the lady Panthers, coaches, and athletes had a lot to say. Even though this year's win was more intense there was still one thing to remain the same.

“All of our girls worked really hard together and all supported each other,” Kelly continued.

Boychuk has proven herself year after year. “We were not really expecting it at all...we went in doing our best.” Boychuk said.

Especially for our senior gymnasts this was an exciting win. Junior athletes are eager to continue their winning streak and carry it on into their next season.

“The best part was the anticipation and not expecting the win,” Junior Bailey Stecklien said. “I have a lot of confidence in this team” Stecklien continued.

The Lady Panthers have been working all season for their “3-peat” win and all the hard work has paid off. The team is made up of many girls from several different Jeffco area schools.

Kaylie Berens attends Wheat Ridge High School regularly but is apart of Pomona Gymnastics. She blew away the competition with a 2nd place score on floor and 1st All Around. Brooke Weins scored 1st on the uneven bar event. Sophomore Kalise Newson scored 1st on the balance beam. The infamous Boychuk scored 1st for vault. The the collection of many high scores made by the individual gymnastics resulted in the 3rd consecutive win for the Lady Panthers. Win or lose the gymnastics team shows that weather they have a trophy in their hands or not they still find a way to beam confidence and Pomona Pride.