Panthers Roll Out

Rayna Borrego and Felicia Velasquez, September 2017

Panthers Roll Out

Senior returning running back, Massimiliano Borghi was asked how he felt about last year’s seniors leaving the team and how he was feeling after the first game of the season against Mullen High School. Borghi seems to be pretty confident in the team this year.

”We have a brotherhood like no one else for sure,” Borghi said. “That brotherhood is more intense and the bond is even better than previous years.”

After asking him about the senior class of 2017 leaving, he doesn’t see any of this as a setback. According to him, it’s only bringing them closer as a team, and of course they were close to the senior class but now they’re the senior class and it’s their season.

When asked if training tactics were different this year Borghi responded with, “We’re training smarter compared to training harder.”

In other words, they aren’t completely killing themselves. It’s all about doing it right and training correctly and finding a nice middle ground this season.

Looking back to the game against Mullen High School, Borghi said he felt that they looked good and strong, and gave credit to Junior Theorius Robison for stepping it up and scoring four touchdowns. He did mention that the defense was looking a little rusty, but they pulled it together and started looking good.

”We still have a long road ahead of us, and we just have some mental errors we need to fix,” Borghi said. If they keep doing what they’re doing he believes that this is going to be the season they win this.

Senior Ryan Marquez was also asked a few of the same questions as Borghi and he answered with pretty similar things. He still believes that they are going to be a great team and they have lots of young guys stepping up and helping them pull through. Marquez does think that training is different because they know they are kind of an iffy team so everyone is working harder and helping each other out a lot more then they have in previous years because they didn’t really feel they had to before.

”The brotherhood of the black cat is a very strong bond between us all and there is not a team in the state closer than any of us.” Marquez said.

After playing in the first game he says they need to limit their mistakes, and mental errors that they can’t afford to have this year.

This is Robison’s first year on varsity and he is already starting to prove himself to be an outstanding player. Robison feelings towards class of 2017 was that they were a phenomenal team, so this year’s team has a pretty good legacy to live up to. Regardless of the loss of the players he does not see this as any kind of setback for the boys this year. Training still feels the same for him, but after playing through the first game he does see that the team needs to fix their mistakes that they make on the field. As for Robison himself, he feels that he needs to control the ball a little bit better.

“We all have a strong brotherhood inside and outside of the field and that's what makes us a strong team,” he said.

Junior Alexander Oldham thinks that a lot of the younger boys are going to have to step up and provide leadership due to the fact that a lot of great seniors have left us this year. As far as it being a setback, he thinks that it is in terms of age, but other than that he stills seeks talent and dedication in the team. Work tactics are a bit harder, and included a lot of work.

“If we work on communication and not forgetting what we need to do on the field, we can make it and win the championship,” Oldham said.

Varsity Football Coach Jay Madden expresses his feelings towards class of 2017 leaving this year.

“Obviously last year’s seniors were probably the best group of football players we’ve had come through here in a lot of years,” he said.

All though the team has lost many great players, Madden does not let that get in the way of a successful season to be. Madden mentions that the class of 2017 has taught the younger guys how it’s done. “I think the younger guys are ready to step up, and do what the seniors just did,” Madden said.

Madden thinks the culture of the “brotherhood” bond has been pretty good for the last seven to eight years and it has stayed that way. “We have as good of a chance as anybody to take state.”