What people did over the summer

Isaiah Gomez and Pedro Andazola | September 14, 2017

Well school is back and here comes the headaches again.Time to think about school work and try to pass classes even with D’s. But over the summer some people did some pretty interesting things while others sat on couches. For example, Senior Ling Lee took time out of his summer to go visit his home town of Shenzhen in China. Lee went first to see his family he has not seen in two years because he moved here to america.

“I have not done nothing here in america, my parents are really strict and all I do is come to school and go to the gym sometimes, but most of the time I am at home studying to be better at school,” said Lee.

He has overcame many obstacles by having to learn english in 4 years, since 8th grade up to present date. “I went to go see my family first, and after that: I just went to go party with my friends, forget about school, and have fun,” said Lee.

Another person who also spent their time out of the United States is Senior Miguel Perez. The Perez family is from Michoacan in Mexico. Perez went there to visit his grandparents, that he had not seen since he was 4 years old.

“I honestly was so excited because all I did was talk to them on the phone, and I did know what they kind of looked like because of pictures my parents used to show me,” said Perez.

Imagine being on an airplane for 6 hours, then driving another 2 hours from Morelia to Michoacan, this is exactly what Perez had to do to see his family.

“While in Michoacan I got to see my grandparents ranch, and I love horses and love being around them,” Perez continued, “When I was able to see the horses my grandpa had and being able to ride them was just another positive in a great trip.”

“I also got to see all the beautiful things in Mexico, and things that were done differently from America. The culture is just so different down their, kids at age five and up are out in the streets selling candy, or washing cars, or anything else you can imagine just to take home food for their families,” said Perez.

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Perez said, “I was Shocked just looking at how hard the kids work, and even people who are handicap are out there trying to make a living it just shows you Mexico has a lot of good people just that there's a lot of corruption with the government down their.”

Another Senior Lucas Colin, actually stayed in the United States. Colin traveled to Las Vegas “Sin City.” As we all know, as you get older everyone wants to go to Vegas for the parties or when you turn 21;but, if you are lucky your parents will take you to Vegas just for fun.

“I honestly was not even excited because my friends said that their really is not anything you can do down there but, I just went along with it,” said Colin.

Colin and his family packed their luggage and were off on the road.

Colin said, “It took 10 hours driving to Vegas. We passed through Vail, then Utah, and finally I was able to see the bright lights shining out in the distance. It was like getting to shore on a boat. We got to the hotel at the Stratosphere, unloaded our Luggage, and went to bed.”

After that Colin and his family spent a week down there.

“I honestly thought it was boring but it is not, just walking around and going into places and the atmosphere with the people in Vegas is nice. Everyone is so happy because they are all drunk and the best part was the rides, especially the ones at the Stratosphere. I would definitely recommend it to anyone, to go down there even if it is to just walk and look around it is pretty nice.”

Sophomore Efren Rosa, went to Texas this summer to go fishing at Galveston Beach. Rosa Rosa went down there to go experience what Texas is like. “My family has always liked to fish and we usually just fish here in Colorado up in the Mountains at Granby Lake, or Winter Park, but we wanted to experience how it was to fish on the ocean,” said Rosa.

The way they fished down there was by renting a boat, and they headed off.

“It was an amazing experience because it was actually hard to get comfortable with the waves, the boat would move all over the place but it was amazing. We actually were able to catch a few small fish with shrimp and after that we went fishing for crabs at the shore with a piece of chicken,” said Rosa.

Finally, Senior Logan Bray took all his summer to train for the insane inflatable 5K race at Dicks Sporting Goods Park.

“During this summer I took a lot of time and hard work to train this summer for this race everyday I would run three miles then straight to the gym to lift weights, and play basketball, said Bray. With Bray training all summer he was able to take 2nd place in the race with a finishing time of 25 minutes.