IS middle school better than high school?

Austin Price | September 14, 2017

Let’s face it. This is not middle school. This is high school. This is bigger, harder, and most of all, different. You have different classes, teachers, opinions, styles, schedules, friends, interests, and ways you do things. The big question is do students prefer middle school or high school more? Well, let’s find out.

One of the biggest differences between middle school and high school is the size. “It’s really big and it can get pretty confusing,” said Freshman Zoe Prevatte.

Yes, this is quite accurate. High school is a lot bigger than middle school but there are certainly some perks to it.

“There are a lot of people in the school, but that’s also nice because it means a lot of new friend groups,” Prevatte said. Because middle school was smaller, and friend groups were not as big. Now because of the huge size Pomona is, friend groups are larger and are more inclusive in most cases. So, that’s one vote for high school.

To get an adult perspective on if middle school is better than high school, a front seat witness to these changes and differences is Autumn Coppenhans, ninth grade counselor who has the opportunity to see and hear all sorts of different opinions on middle school and high school.

“One of the major things I notice about students when they come into high school is they grow up. They grow very mature in the summer between leaving middle school and entering high school which helps prepare them,” Coppenhans said.

In the transition from coming from middle school to high school, students get new and different views and ways of school. “Students also get a brand new sense of freedom that they have never experienced in middle school or elementary school before,” Coppenhans said. We see here again that even non-students see the amount of freedom students get and how much they enjoy it. Yet another vote for high school.

Students had similar answers to what is the biggest difference between middle school and high school: the answer is the amount of freedom. Freshman Haleigh Scattergood and Sophomore Roman Young, both said that freedom was the biggest difference.

“I think the biggest difference is the freedom and the block schedule. It’s great but it’s also difficult to figure out the first couple weeks of school,” Scattergood said.

This brings up another part of high school and that is the different types of schedules. “You have so many more choices for what classes you want to take,” Young said. Another big perk of being a high schooler is how you are treated.

Freshman Auron Hoyer also had some interesting thoughts on this view. “There is a lot more maturity in the school and they treat you like an adult, more so than in middle school. In middle school they are preparing you for high school whereas in high school they are preparing you for college and life,” Hoyer said. Three more votes for high school.