The Pomona Perspective

Marvel Day At Lunch. Workers from the marketing department of Marvel came to talk to us about their new movie "Black Panther."

The Mandela Effect

Mansfield and Slattery, September 2017, Entertainment

Would you trust a memory if it felt as real as your others? And other people remember it, too?

Is Middle School Better Than High School?

Price, September 2017, Academics

Let’s face it. This is not middle school. This is high school.

What People Did Over The Summer

Andazola and Gomez, September 2017, Entertainment

Well school is back and here comes the headaches again.

Panthers Roll Out

Borrego and Velasquez, September 2017, Athletics

Senior returning running back, Massimiliano Borghi was asked how he felt about last year’s seniors leaving the team and how he was feeling after the first game of the season against Mullen High School.

Navigating A Man's World - Life As A Woman

Mansfield, September 2017, Lifestyle

Life is just different as a woman.

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