Rank/GPA/Auto Admit

Class Rank & GPA

Class rankings are calculated for the first time at the end of the freshman year. Final rank in class is for the purpose of determining highest ranking graduate, valedictorian and salutatorian and honor graduates and is calculated at the end of the second semester grading period of the senior year. Students will use the latest ranking in relation to their college application deadlines. The number of students in the top 10% for automatic admission to a Texas college will not exceed the mathematical calculation of 10% of the number of students in the graduating class. For the purpose of determining graduation honors and class rank, grade points (determined by weighted grades) shall be employed to evaluate performance on each level of instruction.

Calculating the G.P.A. for honor graduates from Pottsboro High School shall be done from each semester grade (grades 9-11) plus the first semester grade and the average of the 4th and 5th six-weeks’ grades earned in grade 12 plus each semester grade earned during the eighth grade for high school credit (i.e. I.P.C. and Algebra 1). The high school’s weighted G.P.A. system will be used for any high school credit course taken during grades 8-12. Students enrolled in Dual Credit courses will receive a midterm grade posted by the college. The midterm grade will be used as the 4th and 5th six-weeks’ grade and will be calculated in the student’s G.P.A. The high school’s weighted G.P.A. system will be used for any high school credit course taken during grades 8-12. The only exception will be for the following courses and these courses will not be counted for determining class rank by grade point average: local credit courses, credit by exam, summer school courses, independent study courses, credit-recovery courses, and correspondence courses. Students may take as many Level 3 and Level 4 courses as possible, but each school year only four Level 3 and Level 4 courses per semester will be used in calculating GPA. Academic classes (i.e. AP courses, English DC, U.S. History DC, Government DC, Psychology DC, Speech DC, and Economics DC) will be used first when calculating GPA. To resolve ties in ranking of students, numerical grade point averages shall be used. Honor students will be the top 10% of the graduating class and will be selected from Distinguished Achievement/ Recommended programs. Spanish 3 will be excluded from the possible 4 courses.

Under state law, students who are ranked in the top 10% of their graduating class are generally eligible for automatic admission to all Texas state colleges and universities, including The University of Texas system and the Texas A&M University system. For students eligible to enroll at the University of Texas at Austin during the summer or fall 2019 term, the University will automatically admit all eligible applicants who are within the top 6% of their high school graduating classes. The school counselor will provide more detailed information about this opportunity during a student’s first year of high school, including information about eligibility for financial aid. Please contact the school counselor at any time for information.

Texas Automatic Admission Policy

Students who are ranked in the top ten percent will be notified by their counselor every semester beginning Junior year.

TAA SB 175 2018-1.pdf