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Upcoming Games this week:

Varsity v. Burroughs, 3/26 @PHS - 3:30p

JV @Burroughs, 3/26 - 3:30p

Frosh @Burroughs, 3/27 - 6p

Varsity @Burroughs, 3/29 - 3:30p

JV v. Burroughs, 3/29 @PHS - 3:30p

Frosh v. Burroughs, 3/30 @PHS - 11a

Game Results:

Varsity @Granada Hills, 3/19 - Loss 6-0

Varsity v. Upland, 3/18 - Loss 4-1

Frosh @Bosco Tech, 3/18 - Win 10-0

Varsity @El Camino, 3/16 - Loss 4-3

Frosh v. Carter, 3/16 - Loss 4-2

Varsity v. CV, 3/15 - Loss 4-1

JV @CV, 3/15 - Loss 6-4

Frosh @CV, 3/14 - Loss 6-3

JV v. Baldwin Park, 3/13 - Win 4-0

Frosh v. Bosco Tech, 3/13 - Win 12-2

Varsity @CV, 3/12 - Loss 6-0

JV v. CV, 3/12 - Loss 11-2

Frosh v. Schurr, 3/11 - Loss 10-0

Frosh @Arcadia, 3/9 - Loss 5-0

Varsity v. Arcadia, 3/8 - Loss 7-2

JV @Arcadia, 3/8 - Tie 1-1

Varsity v. Arcadia, 3/5 - Loss 11-1

JV @Arcadia, 3/5 - Tie 2-2

Frosh @Arcadia, 3/5 - Loss 10-0

Varsity v. Duarte, 3/1 - Win 5-0

Frosh v. La Canada, 2/27 - Loss 9-0

JV @Temple City, 2/26 - Win 8-0

Varsity v. Cathedral, 2/23 - Loss 3-0

JV @Salesian, 2/23 - Win 11-3

Varsity @John Muir, 2/22 - Loss 4-2

Frosh v. Alhambra, 2/21 - Win 4-3

JV v. Salesian, 2/20 - Win 9-2

Varsity v. Temple City, 2/19 - Win 6-0

Frosh @Alhambra, 2/19 - Win 24-7

Varsity v. Edgewood, 2/18 - Win 12-1

Frosh @Carter, 2/12 - Win 10-2

Varsity v. Salesian, 2/12 - Win 7-1

Team News & Notes:

We are excited to announce the PHS Bulldogs Baseball Booster Club Spring Fundraiser - SnapRaise!

PHSBBBC (yes, that's our acronym :) has partnered with SnapRaise for our Spring Fundraiser in support of our program. SnapRaise has been successful with many local and other PHS clubs/organizations in raising thousands with a simple, automated digital system for our student/athletes to use. Our SnapRaise representative will work with our student/athletes this week to set up their profiles. Then the SnapRaise system will provide personalized automated messaging about our program and fundraising priorities & goals to the provided prospective donors via email. Our donors and student/athlete information will remain anonymous & confidential throughout the process and not used by SnapRaise or any other organization for any future marketing outside of the PHS Baseball Booster campaign - this was a paramount priority of the Board of Directors. The SnapRaise Fundraiser is strictly incentive based. This means that our student/athletes will face no pressure or punitive consequences of any kind. Instead, they will be incentivised to participate and have a chance to win gear and prizes based on their individual and team (Frosh, JV, Varsity) fundraising totals! Please contact a Board member with any questions and as always - Thank You for your support of PHS Bulldogs Baseball.

TeamSnap App

Want to keep up with all your player's/team's communication? TeamSnap App is the place to be! Make sure your player follows the invite link sent to their emails to confirm their account and set a password... then download the app and log-in. It's that easy! Parents can be added once the player's account is confirmed.


Can't make the game? Follow the Bulldogs on GameChanger - Varsity, JV & Frosh. Set up is simple:

  1. Go to GC.com and set up an account - it's FREE!
  2. After you log-in, use the "find team" option and search using the individual team names - Pasadena Bulldogs Varsity, Pasadena Bulldogs JV & Pasadena Bulldogs Freshman
  3. Once you find your team, select it and choose "follow team"
  4. Last, choose your relationship to the team, either "fan", "family of player", or "player" - as a "fan" you will be connected immediately but as a "player" or "family of player" you will need to wait for Admin approval.
  5. Once connected, enjoy following along. And try the audio option if your environment allows - it's a fun way to "listen" to the game.

PHS Baseball Monthly Team Dinner Fundraiser

New this season - stay tuned February date & location announced soon

PHS Bulldogs Baseball Boosters, Inc.

CA Non-Profit #47-4159638

Board of Directors:

President - Jeff Griffith

VP - Fernie Perez-Garcia

Secretary - Monica Lopez

Treasurer - Dan Goldman

Operations - Dianna Gonzalez

Communications - Xavier Inguanzo

THANK YOU MIJARES for your generous support of PHS BULLDOGS BASEBALL

Thank You to ALL our community sponsors of PHS Bulldogs Baseball!!

Interested in becoming a PHS BullDog Baseball Sponsor?

PHS Bulldogs Baseball Booster funding/support @ work:

Working Wish List:

  • Repair water drainage off Visitors dugout
  • Cut new batters walk up path to home plate
  • New Windscreen for Outfield Fence
  • New water fountain for home team dugout
  • Fix and repair Infield Sprinklers ( SS is Leaking underground )
  • Bender Board forms & fencing around NEW Home/3rd base Bullpen
  • Install new lighting for home/3rd base bullpen, IF & batting cages
  • Install roof/hardscape cover for batting cages
  • New Scoreboard
  • Cut & add OF warning track
  • Repair/Replace/Upgrade fencing - OF
  • Repair/Replace/Upgrade fencing - dugouts & IF/home plate areas
  • Paint Diner & Dugouts
  • Repair holes/leaks in storage sheds
  • Cover storage area behind 1st base dugout
  • 10' x 10' multi-use screens (2)
  • Repair 1st Base Practice Mound
  • pour concrete & replace turf flooring for Batting Cages
  • Level Home plate Circle
  • New covers for bleachers/stands
  • Repair/replace cover for Diner area
  • Replacement netting for batting cage #1; safety issue for players & coaches
  • repair fencing in batting cage #1
  • Second Batting Cage
  • Installed New Double Pitching Mound on 3rd Base Side
  • More Practice Baseballs
  • New 1" Hose and Nozzle
  • Mobile Cart for 1" Hose and Nozzle
  • replace On-Deck Circles (2)
  • purchase new weighted mound tarp
  • purchase new home plate tarp
  • repair & refresh Big Bubba (mobile batting practice dome)
  • L-Screens/Front Toss Screens for Batting Cage
  • Right Field Sprinklers to water the Grass
  • Clay for repairing Practice Mounds
  • New Batting Cage Net for Cage #1 - Old one has holes
  • Conditioning Equipment
  • New Uniforms for Spring League Season
  • Refresh Main Mound to be ready for Season
  • Aerate and Seed Infield/Outfield
  • Front Toss Screens for Batting Cage
  • Team Bats for all three teams - Frosh, JV & Varsity
  • 10 dozen Practice Baseballs
  • 3 new Tanner Tee's for hitting stations near cages - more players getting more swings every practice
  • More Mound Clay and Turface
  • New weighted Mound Tarp
  • New weighted Home Plate Tarp
  • New Freezer donated to Diner
  • 3 New 3/4" Hoses for field maintenance
  • New 1" Hose and Nozzle for IF prep

Accomplishments to-date:

  • Successful Mijare's Restaurant Night
    • Thank you Tom & family!
  • Rebuilt Double Pitching Mound on 3rd Base/Home team side
  • Installed new/2nd batting cage
    • Thank you Ken Smith and Scott Brooks for your muscle and time installing the new cage
  • 45 Players participating in Fall Pasadena Titans Program
  • 4 Successful Rose Bowl Parking Fundraisers Completed
  • Successful Baja Cali restaurant night - Thank you Baja Cali!
  • Successful "Meet the Team" night to kick off the Spring season
  • New Golf Cart for maintenance & grounds upkeep
    • Special Thanks to the Brooks & Griffith families for finding and funding the purchase and delivery of the new cart
  • December field work day
    • Seed & aerated IF & Right Field Grass in hopes to revive RF time for Opening Day
    • repaired valve - Water Pressure for infield back to 100%
    • repaired batting cage #1 fencing
    • grounds clean up of trash & debris
  • January field work day
    • finished digging out & forming 3rd base bullpen catchers box
    • reorganized equipment sheds & storage areas
    • thoroughly cleaned both dugouts - masks & protective eyewear was needed :)
    • sealed main storage container leaks between rains - thank you FlexSeal... you really work!
    • re-tied windscreens around visitors bleachers
    • added protective privacy screen to 1st base storage area
  • PEF coordinated Volunteer Work Day (Thank You Monica & Perry Lopez for coordinating!)
    • paint Diner exterior
    • decorate display walls & shelf-paper interior shelving
    • hang flags on stands
    • paint backstop area

Annual Bulldogs Alumni Game

December 29, 2018

Thanks to the 30 PHS Baseball Alumnus who came out to participate in our annual Alumni game! We had players from as far back as 1988 joining up with and through the class of 2015. Classes of 2014 & 2015 had the largest representation. Great to see everyone!


First Place: Alex Baer (2014) 13 Homeruns Total

Second Place: Niko Lopez (2015) 13 Homeruns Total

Are you a PHS Bulldogs Alum and want to receive information for future games and events? Contact Coach Parisi at Mike@PHSBaseball.org

Holiday Camp 2018

Our 2018 Holiday Camp was a great success! More than 20 young athletes joined with Coach Parisi, Coach Cordero, Coach Garriolla, and our PHS Baseball players for a 3-day skills camp.

Our Pasadena Titans celebrating a well played game with the team from Seoul Korea during the Annual Cory Lidle Tournament in November 2018

PHS welcomes back Head Coach, Mike Parisi!

Coach Parisi returns to Pasadena High after a two year stint at La Salle high school. Coach Parisi spent eight years prior to La Salle coaching at PHS where he led the Bulldogs to new heights in baseball. During those eight years, Coach Parisi led PHS to seven playoff appearances. Mike is a four time League champion (Arcadia) and is a three time San Gabriel Valley Coach of the Year. During Mike's career as a player at Cal State Fullerton, the Titans made two College World Series appearances. He is one of the most experienced coaches in the area and is entering his 18th year leading the bulldogs.

Mike is a highly strategic game manager who can match wits with top coaches all over Southern California. Coach Parisi prides himself on player development and increasing each players knowledge and nuances in baseball. Coach Parisi is a teacher in PUSD (McKinley).

Please join me in welcoming Coach Parisi back to the Bulldog family!!

Anthony Brooks

PHS Athletic Director

Payments Due 1/31 for Spirit Packs, Discount Cards, and Custom Jerseys

CLICK HERE for Payment

Note: if you would like to discuss alternate arrangements or financial aid please contact Treasurer@PHSBaseball.org