Yearbook Orders & Photo Sharing

For Seniors Only:

Senior Parents Buy a RECOGNITION AD--click here   ***Parent Ads Open August 21st-January 29th         

Freshmen, Sophomores & Juniors*: Order Your Yearbook NOW!

*All seniors receive a personalized yearbook as part of their graduation package (no need to order a book)

Link to Josten's site sales opens August 21st.

The full cash price of the yearbook is $110 after printing and delivery.

School Pictures

Underclass Students:  Tuesday and Weds (August 22 & 23) during your study hall.

Remember to wear your Oxfords for the picture!  Boys, pick your best tie as well!

Share Photos for the Yearbook 

Parents, students, coaches & faculty members can use these links to upload photos for possible use in the yearbook.*

Follow and share the link to your Google Form with group members to add to the collection of photos available for use in the yearbook. 


*all photos will be subject to review for photographic quality and appropriateness, and will be used if they fill a need in our catalog.  Thank you in advance.   😉