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“Life as a Professional Artist”

Alonzo Boldin received his B.A. in media, studying photography, and developed

his skills in studio portraiture and still life which he obtained from the Center for the

Media Arts, and is currently a strong advocate for staunch professional beliefs

and values. He’s been a highly acclaimed professional photographer for more than 15 years,

dedicating his life and craft to capturing everything from intimate moments to high-profile

celebrity events and galas; from weddings to fashion shoots and everything in between.

His photography assignments have taken him to some of the most beautiful locations

known to man but with his constantly busy schedule, he still finds time to teach others the

meaning of loving, developing and learning your craft.

Alonzo is currently writing and producing an independent film called Color, depicting racial tension within a family. As he develops his long-standing interest in film and video he embarks on

  • the next level: his desire to become a talented film director. His motto is “If you see it, then capture and save it”. Indeed.