Saturday Feb 27th, 2021

2021 Phoenix Area SAA Winter Retreat

Thank you for your interest in the 2021 Winter Retreat. We have closed registrations at this time. We look forward to seeing you at a future retreat.

On Zoom this year!

A one-day event of Step Work, sharing, and sponsorship!

Join us for a special trip through the Twelve Steps, as they did it at the beginning of AA. You will have the opportunity for a spiritual experience working with others as the program was meant to be!

2021 Phoenix SAA Winter 12 Step Retreat, Saturday February 27, 2021 online via Zoom

Registration HERE: Space is limited, so register early! All attendees must pre-register.

What: 12 Step Retreat. Sponsored by Allan B., Peter F., and Jim A.

Who: Any SAA member, male or female, who is willing to go to any length for a spiritual experience.

Where: Online via Zoom (information to be sent out immediately prior to the event).

When: Program will begin at 8:00am MST (10am EST) with the First Step. We will continue throughout Saturday and should finish Step 12 that evening.

With the current Corona Virus situation we have made the decision to conduct this year's retreat via Zoom. When we contacted the St. David Monastery to let them know they notified us that the deposit amount for the 2022 year was increasing to $500 (where it has been $250 in the past). All donations for this years retreat will be used in fund the increase in the deposit for the St. David Monastery and any funds over that amount will be donated to the ISO or local intergroup.

Donate with Paypal, Zelle, or Venmo. All donations will be kept confidential and please be sure to enter your email address so we can link your payment with the correct attendee!

What you need: A SAA Green Book, a notebook, pencils or pens. A reliable internet connection and an open and willing attitude. A willingness to go to any length for a spiritual experience.

Suggested Donation: $10. Preferred payments methods are Paypal, Zelle, or Venmo. Checks or cash can be arranged. If you cannot attend but wish to support a person who cannot afford the fee, please feel free to make a contribution.

If you need assistance, please check that box on the registration form. And please be sure to supply an email address or phone number so we can send you the log in information. Space is limited so please register early.