Phoenix Health

We are PHOENIX HEALTH, a premier health event management company based in New York, that provides unsurpassed onsite health and wellness screening and diagnostic testing for many types of groups and organizations throughout the East Coast of the USA.

Our company is dedicated to designing and creating personalized group/organization wellness programs that will not only provide health benefits to those participating, but also a substantial impact and value to your organization. Our programs feature state-of-the-art medical technology and staffing capabilities ... proprietary online registration and diagnostic reporting ... comprehensive testing capabilities ... custom designed wellness panels ... and more. All this is delivered at one location, on a single day, using cutting edge medical technology in the hands of an experienced, licensed medical staff.

Our goal, for those participating in our wellness events, is to identify potential illness, abnormalities or irregularities by employing a variety of wellness screening diagnostic tests and provide those test results and other appropriate information to the participants physician before a medical issue arises. The testing results we provide empower the patients to address health issues that are currently active, and take proactive steps to develop a personal medical wellness plan.