Membership in PHLiC entitles the member family to participate in all group activities. All group communications are facilitated primarily in our Facebook group, as well as, an on-line mailing, to which all members will be added, for moderator posts and occasional updates.

PHLiC's mission is to increase the opportunities for homeschoolers in the area by tapping into the talents and skills of its members. This is why we require all members stay active in our discussion group, as well as, encourage regular attendance at group activities.

Member Requirements:

Membership only has two requirements:

  1. Provide current contact info and family details: Prior to approving membership, we required individuals to provide accurate information about their family, town of residence, and current contact info. This is to ensure our group is comprised of local, currently homeschooling families, and, to ensure the privacy of members, as much as possible.
  2. Maintain Active Presence in Facebook Group: We aim to be a cohesive group of local homeschoolers, working together to create an active community. Members that do not maintain an active presence in the group will be removed at the beginning of each "school" year. "Active" is defined as regular participation in discussion, through commenting, personal updates, photos, sharing resources and event coordination. And, while we understand the challenges of scheduling, members are strongly encourage to regularly participate in "in person" events, to build friendships and further enhance the community's "real world" presence.

How to Join:

If you are interested in joining PHLiC, please:

  1. Request membership through our Facebook group at
  2. Fill out our family information form:

If you have additional questions, contact us at for more details.