Membership in PHLiC entitles the member family to participate in all group activities. All group communications are facilitated primarily in our email list, as well as, our Facebook group. Kids ages 13 & up are welcome to join the Facebook Group. The mailing list is exclusively for parents

PHLiC's mission is to increase the opportunities for homeschoolers in the area by tapping into the talents and skills of its members. This is why we require all members stay active in our discussion group, as well as, regularly host and attend group activities.

General Member Requirements:

PHLiC just has a handful of "requirements" to keep our community safe and active:

  1. Provide current contact info and family details: Prior to approving membership, we required individuals to provide accurate information about their family, town of residence, and current contact info. This is to ensure our group is comprised of local, currently homeschooling families, and, to ensure the safety of members, as much as possible.

  2. Maintain Active Presence on the Facebook group and/or email list: "Active" is defined as regular participation in discussion, through commenting, personal updates, photos, sharing resources and event coordination.

  3. TRY really hard to host/organize, at least, one activity per quarter. Don't panic! Hosting an activity can be as simple as planning a park day or hosting a playgroup. For those of you with more time and energy, feel free to let your creativity loose and plan more elaborate classes, workshops, field trips, mom's activities, sports events, etc. We understand there are circumstances that might hinder a member's ability to host an activity, and if this is the case, please try to remain active in all the ways you can, whether it be attending events or discussion. This helps support the group and those working to facilitate activities, discussions and social opportunities.

  4. Attend a minimum of one activity activity per quarter. Just show up! That's it. When you see someone post an activity that your kids may be interested in, or with kids around the same ages as yours, go support the host and join in!

PHLiC is a cooperative community. We aim to be a cohesive group of local homeschoolers, working together to lots of diverse experiences for our kids and families. Members that do not maintain an active presence in the group will be removed at regular intervals throughout the "school year." While we understand the challenges of scheduling, membership in PHLiC requires regular participation at "in person" events, to build friendships and further enhance the community's "off-line" presence. And, of course, if you are removed due to inactivity, you are always welcome to rejoin when you are able to participate regularly.

How to Join:

Fill out our New Member Info form at:

Once approved, you will be sent a welcome e-mail and will be added to our group email list (for primary group communication), as well as sent an invite to our Facebook group for supplemental group connection.

In the meantime, if you have any questions, please contact us at