Why Join a Phi Sigma Phi?


Academics is a major factor within the fraternity considering each fraternity (and sorority) has a Grade Point Average requirement. Phi Sigma Phi has resources to provide students with the opportunity to excel in their academics. We also implement academic standards so members who meet that standard can run for the executive board and regular member positions. As a fraternity, we encourage our members, as well as our potential new members, to put their education first. According to psychologytoday.com, members of Greek-Letter organizations achieve somewhat higher Grade Point Averages than unaffiliated students because of that continuous motivation.


For freshmen and transfer students, coming to a new school can be very intimidating. You'll need to find a new group of friends, activities to be a part of, and ways to be involved on campus. Joining us can help you transition from high school or a junior college. We know the in's and out's of where to go for campus events, volunteer opportunities, athletic events and they may have a connection with a university official that can help your academic career on campus. Our fraternity members are always here to help any way we can.

Creating Bonds

One of the biggest aspects of a Fraternity is brotherhood. The key concepts of what makes a brotherhood is what helps members connect with each other and build bonds by discovering similar goals to reach toward. All the same life experiences, beliefs, and interests are what contribute to creating a sense of family.


Fraternities are great if someone is looking for a future career. There may be active brothers who can give you the opportunity to have a personal reference and a foot in the door. Networking with Alumni can land you a goal-reaching internship or even a career after graduating. Our Alumni are more than willing to help a brother get a head when searching for a job. Also, working directly with alumni makes going to work that much more enjoyable.

Further, employers look at extracurricular activities. They want to know that the person they may be hiring is involved in other social activities other than driving to school, attending classes, and achieving acceptable grades.

Many of our brothers work and attend school full or part time.

Leadership Opportunities

Companies will primarily be looking for employees who know how to lead, work and collaborate with groups big and small. Phi Sigma Phi can deliver that skill and mindset to its members. We have numerous opportunities such as Leadership Development Academy, Conclave, and Association of Fraternal Leadership and Values which give our members that experience to excel.