VIdeos & Photos

This took place Boomers Bar and Grille in Allen Park which hosted our fifth annual Pink Party. Here we raise money for breast cancer research by selling tickets and raffling items which were donated straight from a local business or from a brother who had given an item to be raffled. We raised roughly $3400 in March 2016.

Every January, a significant amount of Greek life, along with other clubs and students who want to contribute, come together to help out nonprofits and schools to clean up and serve the metro-Detroit community for Martin Luther King (Jr.) Day of Service. There are over a dozen locations people can choose from to help out.

Every Winter Semester, we battle it out with other fraternities in various sports events such as soccer, football, tug-of-war, volleyball wollyball, dodgeball, basketball, billiards, darts, cornhole, and chess. Are you an athlete looking to compete? Do you think you would be a great asset to our team? Represent us in the next Greek Games!

We always keep in contact with Nationals and have a great time when we travel to Conclave (even numbered calendar years) or the Leadership Development Academy ((LDA), odd numbered calendar years). LDA is an event where Nationals gives us the opportunity to meet brothers from other chapters and collaborate our ideas and find out what works and what does not work. This also gives us an opportunity to determine which chapter is having trouble with recruiting members. That provides us with the chance to travel to other states to help expand their chapter. Lastly, it gives us the ability to gain leadership skills and meet the National leaders and founders of Phi Sigma Phi.

Conclave Information

We work with sororities to plan mixers. These mixers are meant to connect fraternities and sororities on campus and give each organization a chance to introduce new members. These mixers can involve anything from themed mixers, philanthropic events, or just pure fun such as dancing, bowling, and pumpkin carving. On the left, is a mixer we did with the sorority Delta Phi Epsilon where we had a game night with a potluck; on the right was a dancing competition with Phi Sigma Sigma while combining both Greek organizations to make to co-ed teams.

We do Rush events and Fundraisers to promote our name and brand. We understand that sometimes you just need to destress! On the left is a fundraiser called Car Smash. It is one of our fundraisers where we find a beat up, old, junky car, some safety equipment and beat out the stresses and frustrations with a sledgehammer.

Phi Sigma Phi Mock Rock 2012.