Philosophy Put to Music

Welcome! As a member of Hope College's Mellon Scholar ProgramI have mellonized my course Philosophy of Art with the wonderful Professor Gregory Bassett. As a result of this "mellonization" process, I have produced a project that weds my love of music with my equal love of philosophy: I selected, prepared, and performed three vocal solos and discussed philosophy of art concepts that pertain to each song. This website is the tangible, "essay" form of what was a formal vocal and philosophical presentation held in the Jack Miller Center's Howard Recital Hall on December 3rd, 2015.

Thanks: I would like to voice my sincere gratitude for my philosophy professor Gregory Bassett as well as my lovely voice instructor Linda Dykstra. I would also like to thank my willing accompanist Professor Linda Strouf. Finally, I want to thank the Mellon Scholar Program for providing students like me amazing opportunities to research areas of interest, that are especially cross-disciplinary, and for encouraging us to be creative with our projects.

Site Navigation: The complete video of the performance lecture I gave is at the bottom of this page .

To watch and read about individual songs, clicking on each song will contain the segment of the performance/lecture I gave that pertains, as well as a written essay that is essentially what I said in the lecture but with greater explanation and links to outside sources. The lecture goes in order as the songs are listed at the top of the screen, left to right.

Link to accompanying Prezi Presentation: Click Here