Step-By-Step Guide for Philly Youth Voters

  • Get your high school’s unique Online Voter Registration link from SEAMAAC.

  • Not sure what party to choose, if any? Take the ISideWith.Com quiz. (PA has closed primaries so only registered Democrats and Republicans can vote for candidates in primary elections.)

  • If you move or go away to college you can still vote in the PA election if you register at your home address and vote by mail, or you can register at your college address and vote in person.

  • It takes a couple weeks to process your registration. If you’re not registered you can’t get a mail-in ballot, so check your voter registration status before moving on to the next step.

  • You need a PennDOT ID or driver’s license to apply online, otherwise you need to download a paper application, complete it with the last four digits of your Social Security Number, and mail it in.

  • Don’t have access to a printer, envelopes, or stamps? Call the City Commissioners Office and ask them to mail applications for your whole family, along with a stamped return envelope. Call 215-686-1590 or email

  • Track your ballot once you’ve applied to be sure it gets delivered and counted!



  • The County Board of Elections will mail a ballot to your address in a postage-paid envelope. You just need to mail your completed ballot in time to be delivered by Election Day..

  • If you do not apply for a mail-in ballot, or do not receive one, you may still vote at your polling place. Many polling places may change location due to COVID-19. Find your polling place.

  • You must bring ID with you the first time you vote at a polling place. Acceptable forms of ID include your school ID, PennDOT ID, or voter registration card.

  • If you are told you cannot vote at your polling place for any reason, ask for a provisional ballot. Poll workers are required to provide these if requested.

  • If you have any difficulty voting by mail or at your polling place, contact the

  • County Board of Elections 215-686-1590

  • Election Protection Program: 1-866-OUR-VOTE (1-866-687-8683)

YOUR VOICE MATTERS! Will you get involved and text 3 friends to register and vote?

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