Philly Five Five

A voting resource for residents of the 5th Ward, 5th Division in the City of Philadelphia

Recommendations for the November 5, 2019 General Election

PA Superior Court Judge (vote for up to 2)

Dan McCaffery

Of the four candidates (2 Democrats, 2 Republicans), only McCaffery was highly recommended by the Pennsylvania Bar Association

Court of Common Pleas Judge (vote for up to 7)

Jennifer Schultz, Anthony Kyriakakis, Joshua Roberts, Tiffany Palmer, James Crumlish, Carmella Jacquinto

All are recommended by the Philadelphia Bar (Kyriakakis, Crumlish, and Palmer were highly recommended)

Municipal Court Judge (vote for 1)

David Conroy

Recommended by the Philadelphia Bar

Mayor (vote for 1)

Jim Kenney

We support the soda-tax/preschool/RESTORE initiative. At the very least, it's at least an effort to move the needle on long-standing issues that don't yield much to incremental change

City Commissioner (vote for up to 2)

Lisa Deeley, Omar Sabir

Deeley has done a credible job in her first term in this job running elections. Sabir is set to replace an incumbent who seemed to do little.

Register of Wills (vote for 1)

Tracey Gordon

Gordon ousted a long-time incumbent in the primary

Sheriff (vote for 1)

Rochelle Bilal

Bilal ousted an incumbent in the primary

City Council At-Large (vote for up to 5)

Helen Gym, Allan Domb, Isaiah Thomas, Derek Green, Katherine Gilmore Richardson, Kendra Brooks, Nicolas O'Rourke

Yes, this is 7 names for 5 slots. The last two (Brooks and O'Rourke) represent the Working Families Party and are seeking to claim the two minority-party slots that have typically gone to Republicans. If you feel inclined to support that effort, you could vote for 3 (or fewer) of the other 5 along with Brooks and O'Rourke. Traditionally, the Democratic candidates in this race win by a mile, so all five are likely to get elected even if a substantial number of voters swap out two of them in favor of Brooks and O'Rourke

City Council District Rep (vote for 1)

Mark Squilla

Squilla is the current incumbent

Judges up for Retention (14 total, in four different courts)

Yes (for all 14)

All were recommended for retention by the Bar

Proposed Constitutional Amendment about rights of crime victims ("Marsy's Law")


This ballot question is the subject of a legal challenge, and in fact, recently the Pennsylvania Supreme Court ruled that votes on this question will not be counted until the legal challenge is resolved. The ACLU is part of the challenge to this ballot question, and that's good enough reason for us to recommend a NO vote

Ballot Question adjusting the city's procurement rule to remove the "best value" requirement from contracts under $75K


The idea here seems worthy: to improve the diversity of city contractors. However, removing the "best value" structure with only discretion remaining seems like a step back toward nepotism and possible corruption

Bond Issue: allow the city to borrow $185M for various capital projects