Specialty Nights

PNC Specialty Night Brochure (English) 2022-2023

Foot Care

At Foot Care night, we are looking to help patients with diabetes who may be suffering from foot-related issues such as ulcers and necrosis (joint pain or blackened skin). We are happy to treat all patients with foot-related issues, so you do not have to have diabetes to participate in foot care night.

Women's Health

We will be offering mammograms, pelvic exams/cervical cancer screening, screenings for sexually transmitted diseases, birth control, and education about women’s health.


At Dermatology night, we will have doctors specializing in skin-care-related health issues. They can help patients suffering from skin conditions such as acne, rashes, eczema, cold sores, warts, birthmarks, skin infections, psoriasis, and any other issues or concerns related to the skin.


At Dental Night, we will have the dental students and a dentist provide free children’s dental varnishes, free oral hygiene supplies, and free dental screening.


At Pediatric Night, we will offer sports and school physicals, care for minor illnesses, dental exams and fluoride, kid-friendly nutrition education, and connection to social services and ESL classes for children.


At Ophthalmology night, we will have an ophthalmologist (eye doctor) come in to provide free eye exams. Custom lenses and frames can be ordered for patients at no cost. The glasses can be picked up at a later date once they have been received.


At Orthopedics night, we will have an orthopedist (bone doctor) and physical therapist come to pinpoint and treat pain in joints and bones. 


At Audiology Night, we will have audiology students and a licensed audiologist available to provide hearing testing, management of hearing loss, and education about hearing protection.


At Diabetes Night, we will have pharmacy and nutrition students along with a licensed pharmacists and registered dietician available to provide medication management, nutrition and food resources for diabetes, help managing logs and recording of your condition, and many more resources!