Second Year Volunteer Positions

Med Clinician

As a part of the care team, the med clinician takes a patient history, assists the physician preceptor with the physical exam and works with the preceptor to develop a diagnosis. Med clinicians can also be active in the clinic as lab gurus, clinic coordinators, interpreters, superusers, and community health workers. Med volunteers who work in any of the 1st year clinic volunteer positions are able to transition to the clinician role in their second year.

WHO CAN VOLUNTEER: Med Students – Second-year volunteers only

Physical Therapy Clinician

If the patient is referred by the care team to physical therapy, the PT clincian assists the PT preceptor with the physical exam and works with the preceptor to develop a diagnosis and treatment plan. PT volunteers who work in any of the 1st year clinic volunteer positions are able to transition to the clinician role in their second year.

WHO CAN VOLUNTEER: PT Students: Second-year volunteers only

Pharmaceutical Care Clinician

The pharmacy student is a member of the care team that meets with each patient to make therapy decisions. As part of the care team, the pharmacy student identifies drug therapy problems to anticipate potential issues with patient safety, efficacy, or compliance that may arise with the chosen medication therapy. Additionally, one student from the College of Pharmacy is on-site each night the clinic is open to calling the patients from the previous week and following up with any questions or concerns the patient may have with their chosen therapy. Pharmacy students can extend their commitment to a third year when they will continue in their Pharmaceutical Care Clinician role with an added emphasis on med refills and the patient follow-up role.

WHO CAN VOLUNTEER: Pharmacy Students – Secon and third year volunteers only

Dispensing Pharmacy

Students from the Kappa Psi fraternity in the College of Pharmacy are responsible for filling and dispensing any prescriptions that are ordered for patients by the team. They are also responsible for managing the drug inventory for the clinic. These students consult with each patient prescribed medication and provide education to the patients specific to their medication therapy chosen. They are there to answer questions the patient may have about the medication, check for potential interactions, and assure the patient understands how and when the medication should be taken.

WHO CAN VOLUNTEER: Pharmacy students – Kappa Psi brothers only

Nurse Clinician

Nurse Clinicians are the first member of the care team to see the patient. They are responsible for taking each patient’s vitals, collecting a social history, performing appropriate focused assessments, and recording reason for the visit. They then are responsible for handing this off to the rest of the care team. The Nurse Clinician also educates patients on normal vitals limits and advocates for their patients to the care team. The main duties of the Nurse Clinician are:

  • Arrive at clinic at 4:45 to set up clinic

  • Begin taking patient vitals as well as reason for visit when patients start arriving and report to the care team

  • Educate patient about normal vital limits and what non-normal limits can signify

WHO CAN VOLUNTEER: Nursing Students only

Nurse Educator

The main objective for the Nurse Educator is patient education. The Nurse Educator will work with patients returning to the clinic for medication refills and will provide health education on a number of chronic conditions, including diabetes, hypertension, and asthma following national evidence-based guidelines and recommendations. Nurse Educators work interprofessionally with Pharmacy Clinician volunteers, along with Nutrition and Social Work/Mental Health volunteers, to ensure each patient is provided with the resources they need to promote well-being and health. In addition, the nurse educator partners with the patient to create and maintain patient-led goals. The main duties of the Nurse Educator are:

  • Arrive in clinic by 5:30 pm

  • Educate patient on condition when returning to clinic for medication refills

  • Work with patients on setting and attaining health-related goals

  • Provide links to other members of the care team, including Nutrition and Social Work, to promote optimal health and wellness

WHO CAN VOLUNTEER: Nursing Students only

Clinic Coordinator

The clinic coordinator is essentially the manager in charge of the clinic on any given night. They are responsible for opening the clinic, setting up, organizing the volunteers for the night, troubleshooting, and generally making sure the clinic runs smoothly.