Philippe Colo

I obtained a PhD in Economics in July 2021 from the Paris School of Economics under the supervision of Jean-Marc Tallon and Stéphane Zuber. I hold a MSc in economics from ENSAE and MSc in philosophy from Université Paris I.

As an economist, I consider myself as an applied theorist. I use game theory, decision theory and experimental methods to study the economic consequences of information transmission, specially from science to society. On most of my work I devote special attention to environmental issues.

I'm also very interested in social epistemology and philosophy of science. In the introduction to my PhD thesis, I tried to elaborate on the implications of my work in economics for those fields. You can read it here.

In September 2021 I joined the University of Duisburg-Essen as a post-doctoral researcher. From October 2021 to March 2022 I'm visiting the Chair of Integrative Risk Management and Economics at ETH Zurich.

Research interests

The driving questions in my research come from epistemology. I focus on the parts of our knowledge which are entirely provided by experts. Complex scientific theories are a good example, in particular when they deal with topics where limited data is available. This is typically the case for prospective climate modelling, which relies heavily on computer simulations, epidemiological models used to predict the evolution of the COVID crisis or the risk of nuclear accidents. The fact that this kind of knowledge relies mainly on the expert-laymen bond of trust plays an essential role. Just as the fact that multiple scientific theories are in general available on a given prospect, leading to a very specific kind of uncertainty. Through my various projects, I argue that recognising these epistemological specificity to expert-based knowledge provide new and important insights. My work comprises both theoretical and experimental analysis that highlight the key economic implications of expert-based knowledge and also provides quantitative measures of the resulting decision making.