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Reduce Scars: Frequently asked Questions (FAQ)

A scar is often a proof that you have lived and survived. Then you probably still have as little as possible a striking scar. How do you achieve that? Frequently asked questions about scar reduction and treatment methods.

Can I make my scar disappear?

Making a scar disappear is unfortunately not possible, unless it is a somewhat uneven skin surface after a superficial injury. In particular, surgical scars cut through multiple skin layers, and you keep seeing that. However, a scar can decrease so strongly in the course of time, both in color and in thickness, that it is not really experienced as disturbing anymore.

What are commonly used methods to reduce scarring?

There are both spreads and plasters as treatment techniques. Opinions are divided about spreads. There are people who use oil or cream, and say they see a marked improvement. There are also studies that have been smeared with vitamin E oil and with other subjects with nothing, which showed that there was no difference. There are therapists who recommend to massage scars, and there are those who say that nature can go well as well. It is still worth considering to massage scars, for example with a nourishing skin oil. First, what is good for your skin is often good for your scar. And secondly: if it does not benefit, it does not harm the care of the skin and thus the scar with a good, skin-friendly product. Silicone treatments are a separate case.

How do scar plasters and silicone gel work?

Scar plasters as well as silicone gel base their effect on a layer of silicone. At the gel you need to apply it directly to the skin after which the layer has to dry, and in plasters it usually concerns a plaster consisting of two parts. The top layer is usually a substance that looks and looks like an ordinary patch in appearance and texture, and the active, skin-adhering layer is a light-sticky silicone preparation. A gel is the best solution when it comes to a scar that you prefer not to cover under a visible patch day in, day out, like in your face. But use and results of scar plasters are more effective. The thickness of a layer of silicone gel is very close. Just too much, and the gel does not dry properly. Just a little too little, and the gel is less effective than it could be. So,

The gain of having a healthy mind and healthy body is that you get profit, energy and generally much happier life.

How do you massage a scar?

A scar is an insensitive skin spot. This means that useful pain stimuli, which indicate that your skin is suffering too much, are missing. Moreover, the tension of a scar is always less than that of intact skin. In other words: be careful with the scar! Pay attention to any skin irritation, as a visible signal that the massage may be less enthusiastic. Many people are satisfied with a short massage treatment, for example two or three times a day for five minutes. The use of a skin-friendly cream or skin oil, possibly a specific product for the treatment of scars, facilitates the massage process and according to some it improves the functioning of the massage. If you want to use a professional massage technique, you can google for scar massage;

When does the treatment of a scar begin?

A scar can only be treated if the wound and any spots where the healing process is a little slower than elsewhere, are well healed. The scar does not have to be skin-colored, but must consist of smooth, even skin. It is best to consult with your doctor about the question whether your scar is already in need of treatment. NB: do this in time, because especially for treatment with silicone, you can often nip any thickening in the bud. And the prevention of thickening in your scar is many times better than cure.

What does a silicone treatment do for your scar?

A scar can become smoother, softer and smoother in a silicone treatment. Scars that have been thickened for some time can also be refurbished from a silicone treatment. It is said that silicone is one of the few treatment methods that even stubborn older thickenings can still improve.

How long does a treatment of your scar last?

Some surgeons call a year as a rule of thumb for the period in which a scar improves. However, this is misleading. They mean the medical improvement, but not the cosmetic or external improvement that can take place literally for years to come. Actually, it is best to continue with the treatment to improve the appearance of a scar as long as you see improvement, even when it comes to subtle improvement over a longer period. It is not unusual for a scar to improve for years in appearance, thickness and softness.

Can I do everything myself for the improvement of my scar?

Before starting the treatment of a scar, a GP visit is recommended. The doctor can advise you about the treatment, and via your doctor you can also get a prescription for the necessary gel or patches. This is worthwhile, because silicone treatment is expensive and in most cases reimbursed by the health insurer. Certainly with complications, such as thickening of your scar, it is good to consult the doctor in between, or longer time after the scar has been acquired. Do not be ashamed of a doctor's visit, and for the desire to have as unremarkable a scar as possible! It is your body, and your life.

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