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Three handy beauty tools

This is a very nice article that presents a few nice beauty tools to you. Do you know that feeling when you apply mascara and the mascara comes on your eyelid? With this problem I hope to help you with this handy article.

We start with the mascara guard. A very handy tool for applying your mascara. We all know the feeling. You are almost done with your makeup and only need the mascara. Of course, the eye shadow is also missing. You put on the mascara and you shoot out! Your whole eye is under the mascara and it is also on your eyeshadow that you have just applied. So now you can start all over again with the application of your eyeshadow. All this while you were almost done. There is a beauty tool on the market that can help you with this problem.

The 'mascara guard' is a high-quality plastic aid to help you apply your mascara without fumbling. When you have to apply mascara on the upper eyelash, hold the mascara guard and start applying the mascara. You will see that there is no more mascara on your eyelid but on the mascara guard. The mascara guard can also be used for your lower lashes and here you can see the effect. The mascara guard is easy to clean. You can also brush your eyelashes with the mascara guard. The mascara guard is lightweight so is not in the way when applying your mascara. You can buy this tool on various sites. It is advisable to buy this tool via ebay. Here you can come to this handy tool very cheaply.

Spotlight tweezer from Revlon

A handy pincent of the brand revlon that has brought a nice new product to the market. It is not just a pair of tweezers to epilate your eyebrows. It is a pair of tweezers that helps you a little bit more when removing unwanted hairs. This pincent is very useful because an LED light is built in. Now you start thinking why do I need it? This light that is built in these tweezers you see all the small hairs that you would normally overlook. It is a very fine tweezer that is very useful to use a not too sharp but sharp enough to remove the nasty hairs. Also the hairs that you normally just can not get hold of is now not applicable. Because of the sharpness and the light it is a fine tweezer.

The nail protection clips

It is always nice to match your nails with your clothes or you just put on a nice color nail polish. Especially when the spring and summer is coming, it is nice to match all the colors together. The disadvantage of nail polish is that it takes so long before it dries. Sometimes a nail polish does not cover enough and you apply several layers. Often there is no patience and you pick something up or bump into something and there is another piece of nail polish. It is also often the case that when you are painting the other nails you are doing something that makes the nail polish go off. Even though it says on the package that it takes 10 seconds to dry, it remains difficult to take anything. Because often it is true that there is still a dent in your nail polish.

Now there is a very useful product on the market that can take away this irritation feeling.

They are called the nail protection clips, you can already deduce it from the name. They protect your nails when you have applied the nail polish. There are 10 clips with a protection for your nail when you have painted the nails. These clips click on your finger that you have just lacquered and you continue with your next fingers so your newly painted nails are protected. You will see that this helps a lot and you can continue to do your work without having to wait until your nails are dry. Very useful this product!