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Awakening Of Growth Hormones: Ornithine And Archinine

The triggers of growth hormones (GH) are nutrients that stimulate the production of growth hormones in the body. The human growth hormone comes from the pituitary gland and the body evokes it through sleep, exercise and moderate eating. The growth hormone is also called somatotropin. As supplements, amino acids can also be taken as supplements, for example by athletes and body builders. Of these, ornithine and archinine are the most important, partly due to their muscle-building effect.

Functions of growth hormones

Growth hormones have a number of functions in our body:

It helps in the burning of fats and converts them into energy and muscle tissue.

Improves resistance to diseases.

Accelerates the healing of wounds.

It helps in tissue repair.

Makes the connective tissue stronger to obtain healthier tendons and ligaments.

Strengthens the conversion of proteins for the growth of the muscles.

Decreases the urea level in the blood and in the urine.

Growth hormone generators

Important GH generators are the amino acids ornithine, archinine, tryptophan, glycine and tyrosine, which work synergistically (the effect of the partnership is greater than that of each component) with vitamin B6, niacinamide, zinc, calcium, magnesium, potassium and vitamin. C to accelerate the generation of growth hormone at night. The highest excretion of growth hormones is reached about ninety minutes after we are asleep. Hemorrhoids Symptoms and Treatment

Growth hormone and age

The natural amount of growth hormones decreases as we age. The production stops completely around the age of fifty . But by supplements in the diet of amino acids and vitamins that promote the production of GH, the production can be reduced to the level of a young adult.

Amino acids ornithine and archinine

Ornithine and archinine, two of the amino acids related to the human growth hormone, are among the most popular amino acids that are currently being supplemented . Mainly because they help to lose weight and promote the condition during sleep (that is the moment when GH is formed). Although some hormones cause the body to store fat, the growth hormone causes the fat to move, which not only benefits the appearance but also provides more energy.

Growth hormone and use in body builders for muscles

Ornithine promotes the formation of insulin and makes it work as an anabolic hormone (muscle building), which is increasingly used by body builders. Taking extra ornithine also promotes the amount of archinine in the body. (In fact, archinine is made from ornithine and ornithine again from archinine, in a continuous cycle.)


Because ornithine and archinine are so close together, the characteristics and the warnings are almost the same for both. In addition, ornithine works best when taken in the same way and with archinine (on an empty stomach, with water, no proteins).