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If you burn more calories than you get in, you fall off and slowly the body shape disappears. With the old calorie counting , all the calories were simply summed up on the assumption that you now had a good picture of your diet. Unfortunately this is incorrect because all calories differ greatly from one another and therefore can not simply be thrown into a heap.

In order to actually lose weight and fat, it is important to have a realistic picture of the different calories in the daily diet. Phen375 Reviews

Calories Burn with super foods

Burning calories with food is actually very simple. There are many dishes and products that help you lose weight and burn calories . Try to add them to daily meals or snacks and experience how these super foods help you feel healthy! Here you can find even more super foods.

1. Grapefruit

The grapefruit help to speed up the metabolism and burn a lot of calories. This fruit makes you feel full of fewer calories faster . Very useful! The grapefruit is also full of vitamin C. You can add the grapefruit to salads, fruit salads, smoothies and much more. Of course you can also just squeeze or use it while making a smoothie or juice.

2. Green Tea

Another metabolism booster, green tea! Green tea is not only very tasty, it is also full of anti-oxidants. Due to the accelerated metabolism, drinking green tea is highly recommended during weight loss. Daily a cup of green tea can easily be combined with a diet or a training schedule. You can of course also make iced tea with this healthy variety!

3. Avocado

Avocado is a real fat killer. It contains unsaturated fat that boosts your metabolism. The avocado protects the cells that are needed to recover after heavy abdominal exercises . If that is not enough to regularly add an avocado to your meal, there are more benefits: it lowers cholesterol, lowers the risk of heart disease.

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4. Omega-3

Omega-3It has been known for a long time that Omega-3 is very beneficial for the metabolism. The fatty acid in Omega-3 determines how quickly fat is burned. Omega-3 is not produced by the body. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to get it. Omega-3 is among others in salmon, tuna and herring . Of course you can also buy ready-made supplements, that way you get it regularly.

5. Hot peppers

All peppers and spicy things ensure that fat burns faster . Peppers can be a good addition to daily meals because they contain very few calories. In addition, it often makes your food a lot tastier. These can be peppers in a meal to tabasco sauce. You have been warned!

6. Phen375

Phen375 is among the brand-new revolutionary items that can help you lose weight and feel fantastic. It is a product that is natural, completely organic and can assist you to reduce weight rapidly and successfully.

Lose weight by the Right Physical Exercise

1. Go to work Seriously

Occasionally doing a few abdominal exercises is not enough. Make sure you have a tight schedule and you stick to it. With the right combination of exercises and a good abdominal exercise schedule you are already well on your way to losing 10 pounds.

2. More daily Movement

Nowadays it is all too easy to be lazy. You can change the TV channel from your seat, your food is delivered at home, you pick up the car or the public transport to work where you then sit in a chair all day and if you can choose between the stairs and the elevator you have before you "lose 10 pounds" can say the elevator button already pressed. If this sounds recognizable, it is high time that you change this. Do you want to lose 10 pounds quickly? Then from now on you stand up to move the TV channel, walk to the supermarket to do your own shopping, go to work by bike and walk more often than your boss wants to the water tower in the office and even if you are at 10 high, the lift is no longer an option for you! In short, make sure you get more daily exercise, here is the greatest difference with humanity in the past, in the past you had to move. And you could see that too, at least I have never seen a cave painting of a thicker person.

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3. Train your Abdominal Muscles Regularly

More muscles burn more energy, a stronger engine in a car also slurps more gas. The core of the body (abdomen) is used daily most. Make sure you train the abs properly to turn it into a heavy engine that consumes more calories.

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