Cinthya N. Herrera

Team Member Profile: Cinthya N. Herrera

Current position: IRAM/NOEMA postdoc - Science Operations Group

My main research interest in observational astrophysics is the star formation and the cold interstellar medium in the context of galaxy evolution. I am interested in the processes that trigger the star formation in the turbulent, multiphase interstellar medium. My work involves the analysis of observations at different wave-bands, such as the near-IR, sub-mm and millimeter wave-bands.

My latest PHANGS paper describes an unusual source in the quiet spiral galaxy NGC628. A very massive (10 million solar mass) molecular cloud that has embedded a young (2-4 Myr) and massive (300,000 solar masses) stellar population. Its CO emission is overluminous due to the feedback from the vigorous star formation happening within the cloud. Its extreme mass may be related to its location at the intersection of a spiral arm and a co-rotation radius, a special location against the disruptive effect of galactic shear and a sustained inflow of gas favorable to enhanced mass growth.

I am also part of the ALMA data reduction team. My major contribution is the development of the Total Power data pipeline and its application onto ~70 galaxies. I also contributed to the visual quality assessment of the calibration and imaging processes.