The 18th Annual Peace as a Global Language Conference

Indigenous Peoples Moving Forward in a Globalized World

Josai University, Sakado Campus , Oct. 21, 2018 (1-1 Keyakidai, Sakado-shi, Saitama 350-0295, Japan)

城西大学坂戸キャンパス , 10月21日, 2018 (〒350-0295 埼玉県坂戸市けやき台1-1 )

Welcome to the 18th Annual Peace as a Global Language Conference

The Peace as a Global Language Committee is pleased to announce that this year's conference will be held at Josai University with the theme: Indigenous Peoples: Moving Forward in a Globalized World.

Much research shows the negative statistics of indigenous peoples, compared to the majority counterpart of the country or region, which includes lower life expectancy, higher unemployment, lower mental health and more substance abuse. Due to the effects of colonization, cultural genocide, and assimilation policies to this day, stereotypes and discrimination against Indigenous peoples by the majority population are still prevalent, mainly attributed to the dominant society’s lack of knowledge. However, indigenous peoples around the world have been working in various ways to strengthen their pride, identities, and resist assimilation policies. This is what the conference aims to highlight.

PGL 2018 will bring together a diverse group of indigenous peoples and scholars from around the world to learn from one another - to link hands, re-examine colonization and discuss positive initiatives that are being undertaken to break vicious cycles of ignorance, misunderstandings, discrimination, cultural genocide and injustices. Participants will share ideas on initiatives from many locations, with an aim of creating a hopeful future in which all community members can learn from each other and prosper, while still respecting traditions and culture for future generations.

Peace as a Global Language is proud to invite indigenous peoples, scholars, experts, students and others to join us for the conference this October at Josai University's Sakado Campus as we strive to learn from the past and current injustices and look toward to a future of possibilities, prosperity and peace together.

We are now accepting registration for the conference. Deadline for registration is October 15. Please do register by sending email to: 2018pgl@gmail.com

Entrance is FREE