Sonia Sotomayor Middle School at Adelphi

Construction Logistics

Per the last meeting, will Adelphi Elementary School be allowed to sell bricks from the demolished building as a fundraiser to alumni and community members? Adelphi Elementary had been an integral part of the community for over 60 years.

We will continue to have discussions on this, but for now we are unsure of an abatement that would not allow this.


I am a resident and there are not enough parking spaces at Jefferson Square. Presidential Park, Heritage Park or any of the condo associations. The construction on Metzerott Road took away street parking and Cool Spring has closed its parking lot.

There will be 140 parking spaces for staff and visitors.

What are your plans for the traffic congestion on Riggs road?

The school site will adhere to all requirements to ensure minimal traffic impact on the surrounding communities.

The way you enter is the same way you exit the campus?

Yes, the entrance and exit from the site will be off of Riggs Road.

Once the school is built what are the plans to reduce traffic on Riggs Rd.?

We are consulting with our traffic advisors and the county to address traffic solutions including the reduction of congestion on Riggs Road.

Do your foresee major traffic issues on Riggs Rd during construction?

All construction vehicles will be kept onsite during construction to avoid adding to the traffic on Riggs Road.

Swing Space Logistics

*Swing space meeting questions are in the process of being reviewed and answered by PGCPS staff. Please check back soon for updates*

Where will the Adelphi Elementary School student go during the construction of the new Adelphi Middle School?

Adelphi Elementary School students will swing to the old Cherokee Lane Elementary School.

What is the condition of Cherokee Lane ES in terms of structure?

The program is ensuring that the Cherokee ES building is completely adequate for receiving the Adelphi school program: students, teachers, admin, classes, etc.

Community Investment Program

When will these community services and amenities be provided? During construction? Post construction?

The community services and amenities will begin after consultation with the school's Project Planning Committee.

Could the "bricks" from the Adelphi Elementary be used as a fund raiser/scholarship fund for the elementary school children who will be displaced?

This is the type of project that the community investment program could be utilized for.

School Program

Why not make Adelphi a K-8 school? That would keep our community together! Transparent, why are we just now hearing about this?

The school site is not large enough for a K-8 school including the required parking and the multi-purpose field.

What will happen to the Cool Spring Elementary and Mary Center buildings?

By 2024, the complex will be expanded and will be the location for Adelphi Elementary School students.

Where do the Cool Spring students go to for the school years 21/22, 22/23 and 23/24?

They will stay in their building for now. PGCPS is working through potential swing space options.


What is the website address, please?


No questions at this time.


No questions at this time.


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