LMS Workshop

Differential operators and their spectra

Queen's University Belfast, March 2, 2020


  • the workshop is open to all interested researchers and students
  • there is no registration fee, but registration is required: please register here


The meeting is supported by an LMS Celebrating New Appointments Scheme 9 grant and the Mathematical Sciences Research Centre.


All talks take place in Graduate School TR6.



  1. Antonio Arnal (Belfast)
  2. Melanie Campbell (Belfast)
  3. Karys Dickson (Belfast)
  4. Borbala Gerhat (Bern & Belfast)
  5. Ethan Hawthorne (Belfast)
  6. Gabor Kiss (Belfast)
  7. Jamie Lutton (Belfast)
  8. Marco Marletta (Cardiff)
  9. Martin Mathieu (Belfast)
  10. Salissou Moutari (Belfast)
  11. Florian Pausinger (Belfast)
  12. Beatrice Pelloni (Heriot-Watt)
  13. Michael Rosbotham (Belfast)
  14. Iveta Semorádová (Prague & Belfast)
  15. Petr Siegl (Belfast)
  16. Niall Taggart (Belfast)
  17. Anna Zhigun (Belfast)

*updated Feb. 26, 2020